Aug 26 2012

Sunday Funnies: Special ‘You Really Should Have Left That Fresco Alone’ Edition

I’m assuming by now everyone has heard about the well-intentioned elderly parishioner in Spain who attempted to restore a deteriorating fresco of Jesus at her church, with results that were … well … probably not quite what she expected.


When I first saw this story, the first thought that went through my mind was, ‘Wow, that’s terrible; what a shame.’

Yeah, right …

The first thought that went through my mind was BEAN!!!!



And, apparently, I wasn’t the only twisted person out there who found it impossible to take the unfortunate destruction of this beautiful work of art seriously.



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  1. 1
    'Tis Himself

    Did you notice that Bob Ross has the same hair as Jesus?

  2. 2
    McC2lhu doesn't want to know what you did there.


    I’m not religious or anything…but I kinda liked the old Jesus better.

    I may not know much about art, but I know what I like. Someone take away Bean Lady’s art supplies before Whistler’s Mother grows a goatee and Gainsborough’s Blue Boy gets turned into Chewbacca.

  3. 3
    Hercules Grytpype-Thynne


    I think that’s the point.

  4. 4
    Chris Rodda

    The Bob Ross one totally cracked me up. I could just hear him saying, “Now let’s take our happy little fan brush and make a happy little Jesus.”

  5. 5

    Add me to the admirers of the Bob Ross one! It’s a self-portrait! Happy little trees!

  6. 6

    Saw this in the Pharyngula lounge…love it.

  7. 7
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    Oh. This is really too funny.

  8. 8
    Deacon Duncan

    Do you know, I actually think I like the second one better? Sure it’s primitive enough to belong on a cave wall somewhere, but on the other hand, photorealistic paintings of Jesus are a dime a dozen. This one is unique.

    A second one as poorly done probably would impress me a lot less. There’s something to be said for the quality of spending years refining one’s art, and then turning out pieces that no one else could have done. But for just this once, I like the old woman’s version better.

  9. 9

    The giant statue in Rio would be a better tourist attraction with the new Jesus face. I give it a thumb’s up and a good laugh.

  10. 10

    I’ve always though that when the moon is full, Mr. Rogers turns into Bob Ross.

  11. 11
    Midnight Rambler

    on the other hand, photorealistic paintings of Jesus are a dime a dozen. This one is unique.

    Indeed; as the center that was planning to restore it notes (translated), it was euphemistically “inspired” (i.e. directly copied) from other works. It’s still kind of grating to have an artwork treated like that, even if it’s a generic painting of Jesus, but it was hardly a masterpiece.

    Also, I like this version.

  12. 12
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    I’m back. I’m home. All the time, it was… We finally really did it. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!


  13. 13

    Dave Brown also has a nice one with David Cameron and Boris Johnson:
    Daily-cartoon-20120825.jpg in the The Independent Daily Cartoon.

  14. 14

    @F says:
    Not a gibbon, a rhesus:

  15. 15

    I rather liked the toast. But then I haven’t had breakfast yet.

  16. 16
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]



  17. 17

    Here’s my contribution to that meme: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9d04ixag31rsh5jno1_500.jpg

  18. 18

    No one knows what Jesus looked like. Maybe the primitive is more accurate.

  19. 19

    Yea but…no but…yeh but…she said she ain’t finished it yet…it woz’ gonna ‘ave bananas and a saddle an everythin’!

  20. 20

    Yep, that was damn funny

  21. 21

    Oh but I’m feeling for that poor senior citizen. They were only trying to help!

    Midnight Rambler,
    The version you offer is too good. It is as if Jesus was taking a second job delivering mail to Hogwarts.

  22. 22
    Paul Loebe

    That is a shame. I love art. What dumbass handed them a paintbrush?

  23. 23

    Paul Loebe @ 22

    What dumbass handed them a paintbrush?

    I read an interview snippet that quoted her as saying her ‘artistic ability was a gift from god’…so…there is your culprit methinks!

  24. 24
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    You know, I find that I keep coming back to laugh at the “repaired” original. It flippin’ cracks me up.

  25. 25
    kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith

    I read an interview snippet that quoted her as saying her ‘artistic ability was a gift from god’…so…there is your culprit methinks!

    I think that’s one very apt statement. Of course, you have to consider that other “gifts from god” include lupus, MS, various cancers…

    The worse thing is, she was actually copying on top of the original ! I have done drawing and painting as a hobby for years. When I use that kind of technique (a rough copy of the original / picture on semi transparent paper + transfer on the canvas), it’s so easy I call it “cheating” – you don’t need any ability in drawing to follow lines that are already there.

    Normally, you place the picture / object and draw / paint what you can see. If you’re no good at drawing, it may produce results like the above.

    How could she misplace everything like that with the model right underneath her brush ?

    It’s a authentic craptacle I say !

  26. 26

    No great loss. The Spanish Jesus painting was just like every Catholic holy card rendition of Jesus. The Rio statue is boring, too. There is good Art Deco sculpture out there, but this ain’t it.

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