Aug 14 2012

Does Rick Green Think MRFF is Freakin’ Voldermort?

So, David Barton’s henchman Rick Green posted another post on his blog today. In this one he claims to want to have a scholarly debate, and, of course, the best way to have an objective scholarly debate is always to attempt to completely discredit any opponent with ad-hominem attacks beforehand.

In his latest, titled, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!! (in a scholarly sort of way!), Green kept up the same crap about me from his last post, and also decided to go after, and lie about (big surprise), the organization I work for, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), which of course has even less to do with the historical debate than some of the other very Christian things he’s been saying about me have. But Green might have made a big mistake here. Now he’s pissed off Mikey. It’s not good to piss off Mikey.

But Green, while listing some of MRFF’s greatest accomplishments, seems to be afraid to speak the name of MRFF, instead calling it only “the ACLU of the military.”

Below is what MRFF had to say about Mr. Green. The video in this is from this past May, when Barton went after Mikey on his radio show, coincidentally five years to the day from when I started working for MRFF, which came about in the first the because of me writing an article on Talk2Action about a Barton essay about the “myth” of separation of church and state being in the JROTC core curriculum American history textbook. So, if you think about it, David Barton is actually responsible for me getting my job at MRFF. Ain’t life funny?


Why is Rick Green afraid to mention MRFF?

– AUGUST 14, 2012

Notorious David Barton defender / mouthpiece / puppet Rick Green just published a rambling diatribe in which he attempted to discredit MRFF Sr. Research Director Chris Rodda for her association with MRFF – while clearly avoiding mentioning MRFF by name.

In this post, Green refers to Rodda as one of the “bomb throwing, left wing radicals that seek to destroy the foundations of America,” and states that she is “obscure, relentless, virulently anti-Christian.”

Not only is that ridiculously and patently untrue, it’s also a completely irrelevant (and par for the course) ad hominem refusal to actually address anything resembling facts.  Green then goes even further by “exposing” Rodda’s connection with MRFF:

She works with the ACLU of the military world who does everything they can to curb the religious freedom and expression of the very people who are laying down their lives for her freedom to speak out on her never ending youtube videos. They are responsible for West Point disinviting special forces hero and courageous champion of faith Gen. Boykin. They forced soldiers to remove Biblical references engraved on their weapons and demanded the removal of Franklin Graham participating in the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer. These people do not support a freedom OF religion, they want a freedom FROM religion. It is not enough for them to choose no religion, they want to force that choice on you.

Notice how MRFF’s name is conspicuous by omission. Is Rick Green actually afraid to even mention MRFF? Oh, and we’re pretty sure Green’s using the same “fact” checkers as Barton. After all, it was David Barton that called MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein the “Secretary of the Air Force.”

If you’re in need of a simultaneously amusing and scary look into the psyche of those who would turn our U.S. military into a marauding Christian crusader force, go ahead and read Rick Green’s screed – but again, be warned, words like “fact” and “truth” have very different meanings for Mr. Green:

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!! (in a scholarly sort of way!)


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  1. 1
    Emu Sam

    I guess ACLU is a better dog whistle.

  2. 2

    Well, come on! These wells aren’t just going to poison themselves, you know! Somebody’s gotta do it.

  3. 3
    StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    @ ^ randyowens : That depends on the state of the groundwater actually.

    Fill the aquifers with enough toxins and I think the wells will end up poisoned withoutdeliberaste well-posioners required.

  4. 4
    StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Ps. Not that that makes posioning wells delibeartely as opposed to just having water pass through heavily contaminated soil any better or more ethical.

    (.. & yeah, there’s a relevant~ish metaphor or two applying to the Opening Posts suituation intended there.)

  5. 5

    I love that Barton referred to “religious freedom” as an oxymoron. It certainly is!

  6. 6

    Yep, Freedom is slavery, remember.

    Btw Chris, you might want to indent the Green quote inside the MRFF quote one level deeper.

  7. 7
    Keith Monaghan

    Rick Green:

    There is much more than meets the eye here, Thomas Nelson was recently purchased by secular publisher HarperCollins.

    There, you see? It’s all a conspiracy by them evil secular folks and it has nothing to do with Barton’s book being full of lies.

  8. 8
    F [is for failure to emerge]

    I generally find thing like Star Wars and Harry Potter references overdone, but that title is frickin hilarious. It was so well-played, I even correctly guessed the implication.

    Maybe MRFF, to him, is like YHWH to the magic-name-fearing sects of Abrahamic religions. Maybe y’all should start signing your names with dashes or underscores in place of vowels.

  9. 9

    Maybe it’s occurred to him that, while the sheeple can generally be trusted not to look up Barton’s footnotes, they may have the mental fortitude to google “MRFF” should he mention it. Then they would be exposed to *gasp* facts. Can’t have that.

  10. 10
    Christoph Burschka

    Maybe it’s the “RF”. Their alternate reality cannot cope with the concept of “religious freedom” meaning something other than a euphemism for theocracy.

  11. 11
    F [is for failure to emerge]


    At first I thought you meant Radio Frequency EMR, which might have helped to explain the tinfoil hats. But alas.

  12. 12

    Rick Green: “There is much more than meets the eye here, Thomas Nelson was recently purchased by secular publisher HarperCollins.”

    HarperCollins has a religious publishing group, HarperOne, which published Stephen Meyer’s “Signature in the Cell” – which meant the bookstores put it in the “Religion and Spirituality” section.

  13. 13

    well, you know Mr. Green can’t actually speak the truth and that’s what the MRFF does. It’s not so much the MRFF is Voldemort than Mr. Green so afraid of facts, he’s sure he’ll stop existing if he acknowledges one. Poor thing, he doesn’t even realize that the MRFF does more for theists than atheists.

    But that’s pretty standard from people who want to claim a “war on religion” but who are the only ones prosecuting that war, against other religions that don’t agree with theirs. Green’s adulation of General “Bonkers” Boykin sure is a lovely bit of evidence to support that.

    Oh and has Barton ever shown anyone all of this “evidence” he has for his book-shaped object, that evidence he claims he would have shown his publisher if they had just asked before shutting such nonsense down? Prime time to show that stuff right now.

  14. 14

    Sorry, but had to add this about Thomas Nelson and HarperCollins.

    “Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has bought the Nashville-based Thomas Nelson, Inc., Christian publishers, reports Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg for the Wall Street Journal.

    The purchase was made by News Corp.’s HarperCollins book publishers. No terms of the sale were disclosed, but “it comes nearly 18 months after an investor group led by private-equity firm Kohlberg & Co. acquired a majority of Thomas Nelson’s stock. In 2006 the Nashville-based publisher had gone private in a transaction valued at about $473 million,” reported Trachtenberg.

    According to 2009 trade sales figures cited by Michael Hyatt, Nelson’s board chairman in his personal blog , HarperCollins had a 9.8 percent market share of the overall book market while Nelson had 3.2 percent. The merger would seem to boost HarperCollins from fourth place to second, behind Random House with a 17.5 percent market share.

    In that same blog, Hyatt said Nelson had 32.6 percent of the Christian book market — with HarperCollins’ Michigan-based Zondervan in second with 16.9 percent of the market share. The Nelson acquisition would seem to give HarperCollins 49.5 percent of the religious book market.

    “HarperCollins gained considerable leverage in the religious books market in 1988 when it acquired Zondervan, a large religious publisher based in Grand Rapids, Mich.,” wrote Julie Bosman for the New York Times. She reported:

    “Thomas Nelson adds further balance to our existing publishing programs,” Brian Murray, the president and chief executive of HarperCollins, said in a statement. “Its broad inspirational appeal is a good complement to Zondervan, which will continue to publish books consistent with its mission.”

    Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/news/2011/11/rupert-murdoch-adds-thomas-nelson-publishers-to-harpercollins-empire.php#ixzz23cc9jSuu

  15. 15

    Just FYI, printed today, and a full GBTV show tomorrow. Barton won’t DARE address your specific examples. He feels he has more leverage with the “elite” Professor Throckmorton.


  16. 16

    Once again, Beck’s “Faith Reporter”, (Billy Hallowell-who looks at Barton with, what we used to call in elementary school, “googoo eye’s” on the “live chat” video in this “series”), puts out another article, “addressing David Barton’s critics”. Of course, the ONLY “critic” they actually address is Throckmorton.

    Unfortunately, I doubt they’d EVER have a “Godless Progressive/Liberal/Commie”, (according to Beck’s wondrous self-education in 20th century history; they’re all the same), on to challenge Barton’s claims. As Beck frequently reminds his audience, (which includes quite a few congressmen & women), communists in the time of Woodrow Wilson, changed their name to “Progressives”, as a “code” to hide their true intentions. Over the years, they had to change their names to “Liberals”, then back to Progressives, solely so they could infiltrate and “take over” the Democratic Party without getting caught. Of course, according to Beck, the entire Democratic Party has now morphed into “communist party of the USA”. Hence wacky Alan West’s comment last month.
    A late reminder-Barton on GBTV at 5 today to “take his critics head on”,….well, I guess none of his “critics” could make it-but I DO hear that History Dean from the obviously impartial Liberty University will be there!! Sounds like quite a deba..t.e…aaahhh, love-fest.

  17. 17
  18. 18

    In this post, Green refers to Rodda as one of the “bomb throwing, left wing radicals that seek to destroy the foundations of America,”

    That’s getting pretty close to full-on defamation of character, innit? Probably too vague to be actionable, but surely you can’t just go around calling people violent and treasonous.

    They forced soldiers to remove Biblical references engraved on their weapons

    NNNGAH I can’t get over how scary that is! Putting Bible quotes on weapons?! That’s seriously disturbing. (Not that I have to tell you, of course.)

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