Aug 12 2012

Barton’s Minion Rick Green Responds — Sort Of

Deborah Beeksma of God Discussion posted a little post on her blog about Barton’s radio co-host Rick Green not approving my comment on his blog post. Deborah’s post is now #1 on Google News if you search on David Barton.



Apparently this caused a bit of discomfort for Mr. Green, who posted the following status update on his Facebook page. Mr. Green has apparently also been visiting my Facebook page, where my minions lurk. I don’t have minions anywhere else.



Anyone tweeting about this topic, use #DavidBartonChallenge.




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  1. 1

    I cannot wait until this debate or to see what happens!

  2. 2
    Brian Murtagh

    I don’t normally accept minion status, but you’re an exception Chris!

    FB’d, Tweeted, G+’d, reddited.

    If he follows through on his foolish challenge, I’m going to reconsider my stance toward popcorn.

  3. 3
    Chris Rodda

    I should explain the minion thing for those who don’t know about it. For many years I’ve referred to David Barton and his minions –- his minions being all the fundies who post his lies all over the web in comments on articles and blog posts, etc. I always used to jokingly say that I need minions like Barton has — meaning a whole bunch of people to post stuff debunking Barton’s lies all over the web whenever they see the fundies posting Barton’s lies in comments on articles and blog posts, etc.

    One particularly busy day I posted something kiddingly saying that I needed some minions. And one thing led to another, and people on Facebook started referring to themselves as my minions. We were all just kidding around, but then somewhere along the line, my minions really started doing stuff to help me, and then it evolved into every time I’d need people to do something, I’d summon my minions in my Facebook status.

    So, my minions are no longer entirely a joke. They are a force to be reckoned with. We still make a lot of minion jokes, but I really can count on my minions anytime I need something done to help fight the fundies. So, I actually do have minions – who I just left on my Facebook page discussing getting minion t-shirts made. (One minion wants jumpsuits, but I think he’ll be out-voted.)

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    Not too busy to make comments but too busy to click the allow button for your comment.

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  6. 6

    He says “but the book is called “Liars for Jesus” (which might give you a hint as to the tone)”

    Says the guy defending a book called “The Jefferson Lies”.


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