Aug 10 2012

Barton’s Statement on Pulling of his Book

I’m shocked, I tell you! Shocked! OK, I’m not shocked. I’m really not even a teeny bit surprised.

Here’s Barton’s statement, just posted on his Facebook page:

“The announcement that Thomas Nelson has pulled The Jefferson Lies because it has ‘lost confidence’ in the work has become national news. However, while Thomas Nelson may have ‘lost confidence’ in the work, others have not and thus the book has already been picked up by a much larger national publisher and distributor. Even at the time Nelson dropped the work, they admitted that it was still selling very well.

“As is the case with all of our published items, we go above and beyond with original source documentation so that people can be thoroughly confident when they see the truth of history for themselves. We find it regrettable that Thomas Nelson never contacted us with even one specific area of concern before curtly notifying us they had dropped the work. Had they done so, we would have been happy to provide them with the thorough and extensive historical documentation for any question or issue they raised; they never asked. The Jefferson Lies has not been pulled from publication and it will continue to sell nationally.”


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    The publisher didn’t contact Barton with any specific area of concern. Well Mr Barton, I suppose its because when you get things as wrong as you did, you’re unlikely to get it right when given a chance to correct your mistake.

  2. 2
    Michael Heath

    Nelson didn’t merely pull back the book, they also asserted they’d never publish another book of Barton’s. So Barton once again the avoids the central point, here it’s that he’s a fraud which Nelson could no longer avoid conceding.

  3. 3

    “Much larger” publisher? Thomas Nelson just got bought out by HarperCollins. It doesn’t get larger than that.

  4. 4

    Maybe they didn’t contact him with any specific concerns because the document exceeded the email attachment size limit …

  5. 5

    Perhaps he’s going with Amazon’s self publishing service? Amazon can be seen as a bigger publisher :D

    And I am shocked. A publisher actually cares about their reputation? And a reputation for truth, not a reputation with republican wingnuts?
    I love that, but nowadays that’s shocking nevertheless.

  6. 6
    Chris A

    As is the case with all of our published items, we go above and beyond with original source documentation

    Translation: We start with the original source, then ignore it and make up whatever we want it to have said.

  7. 7

    …we go above and beyond with original source documentation…

    That is his problem. He goes “above and beyond” what the original source documentation supports.

  8. 8

    Listing all the “specific concerns” would fill a book by itself

  9. 9
    Jeremy Shaffer

    While the “specific concerns” are no doubt numerous I think they could be condensed to three points: the beginning, the end and every thing in- between.

  10. 10
    Chris Rodda

    Hey Konradius @5 …

    Don’t knock Amazon’s self-publishing service. I use Amazon’s self-publishing service! It’s not because I can’t get a traditional publisher; it’s because it’s sometimes a better deal for an author, as I decided it was for me after weighing all my options (it really depends on the kind of book and if the author has a way to market it themselves – I don’t recommend it if you’re an unknown novelist or something, but it’s great for non-fiction authors who write about subjects that there is a lot of current interest in). Lots of authors are actually now opting for self-publishing, including some really big names who left their traditional publishers for Amazon.

    That said, I also wondered if Barton meant Amazon’s self-publishing service when I read his statement. It’s really the only way I can think of where he could get his book immediately available on Amazon again, and also have it immediately available for distributors and bookstores to order. Once Amazon receives your files and they pass the review process, your book is available for people to start ordering within a few days because they’re printed on demand. If he got another traditional publisher, of even published it himself through his own Wallbuilders Press, it could take months to do the first printing run and distribute it.

    It would be really fun for me if Barton did go with Amazon considering how many times his followers have tried to discredit my Liars For Jesus because I published it through Amazon, not understanding that Barton had published all his previous books through his own publishing company, which is also self-publishing.

  11. 11

    Going to assume this statement of Barton’s has just as much relation with reality as any in his book…

  12. 12
    Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    When he asked which part they had specific concerns with, they sent him his book.

  13. 13

    Slippery as snake oil salesmen of the Alternative Medicine crowd, and just as self-justifying; as long as there are rubes to buy his lies and give him attention for it, he’ll keep going. He can’t not. To admit he’s wrong would mean giving up all that is primary to his self image. And as long as he’s useful to those political and religious voices that pander to the masses, who in turn value their own confirmation bias more than truth, he’ll have an audience.

    Chris, you’ve done an amazing job here! Keep up the fantastic work and know that rational American’s applaud you for your efforts. Thank you for giving the rest of us great ammo to help keep these self-serving bozos out of office.

  14. 14
    Jeffrey G Johnson

    What is really shocking about this statement is that it doesn’t wallow in the tones of a persecution complex, so common among Christians who meet resistance, despite the total domination of their creed in our society.

  15. 15


    I have just re-engaged back with American Creation and have read the posts that Jon is linking here. I left a comment on one of your posts on Facebook under my Brand page “3rdWAVElands” and would love to hear a response. I have a proposal for you:

    If you can give me your most simply and undeniable way in which Barton uses bad history I will take to the blog as a Christian and get them to pay attention. I disagree with you at times but find you to be a fair person. But I am going to call it as I see it on both sides if this thing is finally going to be settled.

    If that is your goal I think I can help you. They cannot dismiss me the way they did you. I am a Christian and share many of the same theological and political beliefs as they do. I struggle with a great deal of the latter but still can work with them and speak their language. I have joined a bunch of Facebook Groups with libertarians and Tea Party evangelicals to try and get them to unite.

    That may sound like a bad thing to you but in fact if the liberty movement can make endroads with the Religious Right a lot of this national stuff will stop. I personally do not believe homosexuality is right according the Bible but it is not worse than me sleeping with married(separated but still married) women the last few years when I got fed up with the church. As far as society goes I am a firm believer that the state should not have a say in marriage at all or it she be hyper-local at best. No way the Federal government should be involved in marriage. As far as abortion I believe personally that it is morally wrong. This is both philosophically and theologically. But I know their are other issues that the Bible talks about too that get ignored.

    In fact, I find it laughable that the Religious Right that purports to stand for “Constitutional Values” started a 25 year crusade to stack the Supreme Court as their only goal. This by solely focusing on the Presidential races. In the end, their golden child Roberts may have ended their influence. 25 years and no overturn of Roe v Wade but Roberts did pass Obamacare? This has pissed off the liberTEa movement as I think it is best labeled and they are fight mad. More and more at the Evangelicals that put Roberts there than even Obama who they hate.

    What they miss is that our government was just given the unlimited power to tax for the first time in our history. This was the very thing the founders declared independence over. The whole Declaration of Independence was a response to King George telling them he could tax them anyway he pleased. Thus relegating them to slaves.

    The ignorance of History in the liberTea movement is amazing. One lady that contacted me about starting a Third Party and wanting my support(I helped a candidate here in Florida with Social Media and have gotten a lot of notice for doing so) talked to me about the Federalist Papers. I told her I was wanting to finally get around to reading the Anti-Federalist papers and she had no idea what they were?

    Sorry for the long comment but I think we both want to see accurate History put out there and for people to make up their own minds. When I get you and Ed Brayton away from your followers and over to American Creation where all the supercharged rhetoric get eliminated you get to see that you are well meaning people that just want to see the truth come out. I am a product of Ed’s willingness to discuss things with people that are trying to be intellectually honest. I went on his blog to tear him a new ass. I left respecting him and his passion. Same with you.

    I was one of the zealots you guys seem to be trying to reach to see that the Religious Right is in error on some key points. I was never all that found of them but was still heavily influenced because in that world you get isolated from the “evils of this world” and live in a bubble. A bubble I have found that 99 percent of the world lives in. I have traveled enough and talk with enough people overseas to know that most never question it one bit and are taught from birth to listen to the holy man or guru.

    Thank God for me I was atheist skeptic and had to change my mind to believe in the Bible. A choice some might think absurd but nonetheless a choice based on study, questioning, and soul searching. I also was raised a socialist by my grandfather the famous labor leader William Winpisinger and have converted to Old School Conservatism. This through much study, questioning, and soul searching. Same way he came to be a Socialist. I disagree with much of his politics now but he is still my hero because he believed honestly and from the heart and knew why he believed.

    My point to you Chris is that we can disagree and still work to see that people are presented all sides and encouraged to choice what they believe is right. This is what Free Thought is all about. So let me know your best, simple, and most undeniable case against something Barton wrote and I will put the heat on this guy to answer it. Starting with Proverbs he quoted. This is because if he just dismissed you with no merit that makes him the fool.

    I see both sides and just want the truth to come out.

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