Jun 03 2012

Sunday Funnies






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    FYI – (sorry for the non-sequitur) The new Thomas Jefferson Hour Podcast reviews/rebuts David Barton’s book and “academic” method pretty well. Worth a listen for independent confirmation from a Jefferson Scholar. The Podcast Episode is called “The Jefferson Truths” (Part 1 of 2)
    The TJ Hour

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    patrick jlandis

    This blog is mislabeled. There isn’t any kind of weekly format at all.

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    Chris Rodda

    @ Patrick … The blog isn’t mislabeled. It’s just prematurely labeled. It’s going to be the companion blog to a weekly podcast called “This Week in Christian Nationalism” that I will be launching sometime in the not too distant future. I had originally planned to launch the podcast last summer when I started the blog, but decided to finish some other projects first. I wrote a post explaining this when I started this blog, but if you’re new here you wouldn’t know that so I can see how the name wouldn’t make any sense, since I’m not blogging here on any set schedule yet.

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