May 06 2012

Sunday Funnies





OK … you guys also HAVE to go check out Greg’s “Sunday Funnies” over at The X Blog this week! Don’t be drinking anything when you get to the third one!


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    Cunning Pam

    You know how sometimes, something strikes you as so funny that you end up laughing so hard it turns into a coughing fit, and you have tears rolling down your cheeks, but the response is all out of proportion to the actual funniness of the thing that made you laugh in the first place even thought the original thing is indeed pretty darn funny?

    Yeah, the cat on the tractor…*giggles even more*

  2. 2

    I actually thought the second one over at Greg’s was the funniest–on the basis of it not meaning to be funny if for no other reason.

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