Mar 07 2012

Billy Graham Event Speaker Advocates Burning Military Bases

Over the past month or so, much ado about nothing has been made over the content of certain songs performed by the band Aiden, one of the bands that will be performing at Rock Beyond Belief, the secular festival taking place at Fort Bragg on March 31.

The controversy over Rock Beyond Belief was manufactured by Air Force Major Jonathan C. Dowty on his Christian Fighter Pilot blog, described by him as his “ministry.” Major Dowty’s one man crusade against Rock Beyond Belief has consisted of a string of posts implying that non-theists are incapable of putting on a family friendly event. Clearly, the evil atheists plan to subject the babies at Fort Bragg to all manner of obscenity and evil before barbecuing them later in the evening for a tasty snack.

You guys remember Major Dowty, right? He’s that Air Force officer who bullies and lies about atheist and non-Christian enlisted service members by name on his blog (including Rock Beyond Belief organizer Sgt. Justin Griffith), knowing that they can’t respond to defend themselves because he’s an active duty officer and they must respect his rank no matter what he says about them. Dowty is also disturbingly obsessed with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and its founder Mikey Weinstein, having written hundreds of lengthy rants about or mentioning MRFF, Mikey, or other people associated with MRFF. Writing posts for his blog at a pace that any full time blogger would find difficult to match, one has to wonder when this Christian Fighter Pilot finds time to fly a plane. Major Dowty is also a member of the Officers’ Christian Fellowship, an organization of over 15,000 Christian military officers who seek to “reclaim territory in the military for Christ,” and raise up a military of “ambassadors for Christ in uniform.”

What Major Dowty did as part of his quest to cause problems for Rock Beyond Belief was to write several posts about Aiden on his Christian Fighter Pilot blog, selectively highlighting and misrepresenting the lyrics of one of their songs. These posts were read by Dowty’s new man crush, Todd Starnes of FOX News. Starnes, who was already in the habit of lying about and misrepresenting MRFF, jumped on Major Dowty’s anti-Aiden, anti-Rock Beyond Belief bandwagon (if you can call a lone anti-atheist, religious fanatic blogger a bandwagon), writing an article titled “Church-Burning Video Used to Promote Atheist Event at Ft. Bragg,” in which he linked to one of Major Dowty’s posts.

Was Aiden really promoting arson in their song? Of course not. But that’s no reason for FOX not to put out a headline implying they were.

Well, in a shocking development, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has uncovered video of one of the speakers for the Billy Graham Evangelical Association’s Rock the Fort events advocating the burning of military bases! (It was, of course, one of these Billy Graham Rock the Fort events, held at Fort Bragg in 2010, that sparked the idea for the secular Rock Beyond Belief festival.)

Footage from a promotional video from a previous Rock the Fort event at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri clearly shows that a Billy Graham Evangelical Association speaker who was appearing at that event was advocating burning down Fort Leonard Wood, very clearly saying that they were there to “SET THIS PLACE ON FIRE” and that they were going to commit this act of arson “FOR JESUS!”

Video doesn’t lie! The Billy Graham Evangelical Association is clearly on a mission to burn down Army bases! Therefore, the U.S. military should ban all future Rock the Fort events!


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  1. 1
    Cliff Hendroval

    Having done my basic training there, I’m all in favor of burning Fort Lost In The Woods to the ground.

  2. 2
    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    It would be nice if we could burn them all down, everywhere. Unfortunately, we still need military bases.

  3. 3

    I laughed. However, irony and sarcasm are in short supply with the fundy crowd and I suspect you might get taken more seriously than you wanted. Expect to hear much whining and gnashing of teeth along with cries of foul play.

  4. 4

    All I can say is… “God DAMN America!”

  5. 5

    Re.:The wording,”very clearly saying that they were there to “SET THIS PLACE ON FIRE” and that they were going to commit this act of arson “FOR JESUS!”

    The “Video depiction of this doesn’t lie!” TRUE!


    Hence, I offer that TRUTH like Beauty so often lies in the eye of the beholder.

  6. 6

    Ray Comfort approves this message! In his 2008 book Evolution: A Fairy Tale For Grown Ups, Ray so eloquently sums up this very kind of quote mining by saying “every gold nugget is legitimately mined out of it’s context, no one seriously values the earth that encases the gold.” So as you can see Ray Comfort approves this message. Keep up the good work, and we will continue to do acts that make Ray so proud!

  7. 7
    Walter Warren

    I’m sure this was intentionally done to take it out of context on purpose just as Aiden and everything Sgt. Griffith both says and writes is being taken out of context in the same manner.

    As for Maj. Dowty, I totally agree that he is using his rank as a shield to keep from being discredited and ridiculed for his religious extremism and fear-mongering. As he is not a chaplain, I don’t get why he finds it imperative to use his stature an an officer in the military to spread his radicalist message.

    Post it as a civilian Major and quit hiding behind your gold oak leaf.

  8. 8
    Ace of Sevens

    When I was an evangelical, I was told that we the faithful were supposed to be on fire for Jesus. That sounds even better.

  9. 9

    I was stuck at Ft. Leonard Wood twice, for two different training schools. If hell existed, it would have a hard time competing with FLW. I was harassed with religious propaganda constantly while I was stationed there, and the whole base is corrupt with the Christocrat propaganda. So, Billy Graham wants to burn down FLW? *snicker* No great loss.

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