Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 28 2011

Mikey Weinstein, A Traitor in the War on Christmas

Over the past few months, I’ve been faced with the utter irony of splitting my time between dealing with the steady stream of lies about my boss and the organization I work for being part of the so-called war on Christmas, and having numerous conversations with that same boss about helping to send toys to …

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Dec 25 2011

So, My Mom Wanted Me to Put Up a Christmas Tree

Dec 21 2011

If You’re in Washington State and Want to See Richard Dawkins …

Hey everybody … Someone from the Northwest Free-thought Alliance asked if I’d spread the word here about their upcoming conference, featuring Richard Dawkins. Visit the website in this announcement for all the details. Richard Dawkins will be speaking at the Northwest Free-thought Alliance conference in Renton, WA (near Seattle) on April 1. The conference runs …

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Dec 15 2011

Southern Baptists Admit That They Oppose Religious Equality In The Military

Well, it doesn’t get any clearer than this. In an article from the Baptist Press, the news arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Southern Baptists have finally come right out and admitted what we at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) have known all along — they oppose religious equality in the U.S. military. …

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Dec 12 2011

The Incredibly Forgetful Rick Perry


Dec 09 2011

The Best Analysis of Rick Perry’s Anti-Gay Ad I’ve Seen So Far

Dec 06 2011

The “Psychological Projection” of the ACLJ

Well, it seems that David French over at the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has his panties in a wad over the issue of the Camp Pendleton cross. In an article yesterday on the ACLJ website, specifically going after Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), French puts the ‘poor bullied Christians’ spin on the …

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Dec 05 2011

Oh yeah … These guys are going to hell


Dec 03 2011

The Most Important News Story You Will Ever See!

OK … this cracked me up, and having no real story to post today, I thought I’d share it to start people’s weekends off with a laugh. ;-)

Dec 01 2011

The Camp Pendleton Cross: The Facts vs. What the “Persecuted” Christians Are Saying

A thirteen foot tall cross atop a mountain near Camp Horno on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in California has become the source of much controversy over the past few weeks, sparked by a Los Angeles Times article about a group of Marines erecting the cross on Veterans Day. The cross put up this …

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