Dec 25 2011

So, My Mom Wanted Me to Put Up a Christmas Tree


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    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    Dogs make excellent supervisors.

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    Nice Ogress

    Ah, that was lovely. Reminds me of similar conversations with my own Mum, when we’d get on laughing jags in the middle of a sentence for no reason, and then crack up more just because we were laughing to start with. Merry Christmas, Chris!

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    Chris Rodda

    What everybody who I sent this video to is commenting on is that we were watching NCIS on Christmas Eve, and not some Christmas crap. My mom, who is Catholic, has this “when in Rome” attitude when it comes to religious stuff. She’ll go to church when she’s at my sister’s because my sister still does that, but when she’s here she has no problem skipping the church stuff because I don’t do that. She’s totally cool with me just thinking of Christmas as a time to get together with people and have fun, and not as a religious thing. I’m lucky with that, compared to the many people I know whose parents can’t deal with them deciding that they just don’t believe in the religion they were raised in anymore.

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    F [i'm not here, i'm gone]

    Oh, they are just worried about your immortal soul and your xmas spirit. Or something. How uncouth of you to watch NCIS.

    My mom just ignores my irreligiosity, unless someone happens to mention that I’m an atheist. That freaks her out a bit. “Don’t say that!” If she can just imagine me as a non-observant Catholic, that’s OK.

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    This was a hoot to watch! Your mom is so cool. I love the laughter. :)

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    Chris Rodda

    F @ 4 … In my defense, I think it actually was a Christmas episode of NCIS! ;-)

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    Ah thank you, I needed that laugh! It had me cry-laughing. Happy New Year.

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