Dec 09 2011

The Best Analysis of Rick Perry’s Anti-Gay Ad I’ve Seen So Far


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    I like it. It is more restrained than if I produced it, but I like it.

  2. 2

    There is not nearly enough crust or dripping fluids on that ass to believably portray Rick Perry.

  3. 3

    I was feeling crummy about the religious bass-ackwardness that Rick Perry and others have been displaying lately. Then I went to YouTube and searched on “Rick Perry strong parody”.

    I remember during the last presidential campaign when Tina Fey, like Superman becoming Clark Kent, impersonated Sarah Palin and pretty much ended her run.

    It doesn’t take a word-class comic to impersonate Rock Perry, and thus over a hundred amateurs have made parodies of his ad. He’s a laughingstock.

    Okay, who’s left? Mittens and the Grinch?

  4. 4

    Rick Perry jumped the shark with that ad, and this is a great riposte.

  5. 5
    StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Oh I think Rick Perry jumped the shark long before that! ;-)

  6. 6
    Kevin, 友好火猫 (Friendly Fire Cat)

    Chris – I don’t get it. You just reposted the original ad. Was there supposed to be a different thing up here?

  7. 7

    Katherine – If you look closely, I think the hair is parted just a little bit differently. I’m pretty sure it is the same speech on his part though…

  8. 8
    Kevin, 友好火猫 (Friendly Fire Cat)


    Ohh, I see it now, thanks! :)

  9. 9

    Personally, I’m rather fond of Cracked.com’s version. Note: Their player is a bit buggy–my advice is to pause it the moment it starts playing, then let the full thing buffer before hitting play again.

  10. 10

    Oh, and apologies for the double-post, but apparently Perry is wearing the same jacket that Heath Ledger wore in Brokeback Mountain.

  11. 11
    Mike Morrison

    Reminds me of that one Southpark episode. Grand!

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