Aug 13 2011

Summer Reruns

While I’m busy working on Volume 2 of Liars for Jesus and getting ready to launch my podcast, I thought I’d post some of my videos debunking the most popular of David Barton’s lies that I made last summer while attending the esteemed institution of higher learning, Beck University.

The entire goal of “Professor” Barton’s second class at Beck U., “Faith 102,” was to prove that even two of the least religious founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, had no intention of separating church and state. Barton managed to get over a dozen separate lies into this single half-hour class, many of which I had already debunked in previous videos, so I threw together a few videos debunking some of these lies using clips from a video series I made back in 2009 after Barton bashed me on his radio show. Barton is still using these same old lies, and my old videos still debunk them.


Barton’s lie that more than half the signers of the Declaration of Independence were ministers

Barton’s lie that Thomas Jefferson sent Christian missionaries to evangelize the Indians

Barton’s lie that Benjamin Franklin chose to begin a treaty in the name of the trinity

Barton’s lie that Thomas Jefferson told the Marine Band to play at church services

Barton’s lie about why the Danbury Baptists wrote to Thomas Jefferson

Barton’s lie that Thomas Jefferson started church services at the Capitol


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  1. 1

    While Mr. Barton’s lies are atrocious, something else bothers me even more. It seems now a days that just about anybody feels like they can pick up a book, or read a website, and automatically become historians. In order to be a good historian, one needs to know about the use of language in the period being investigated, along with the social and cultural miljø in which it was used. It is all too easy to project our modern thinking onto historical figures and assume we’re right based on a sloppy reading of their texts.

    Ranting aside, most excellent debunking! Keep it up!

  2. 2

    I love your videos, they are awesome. There is nothing quite like seeing a liar for Jesus smacked down with the truth.

    Also, it’s nice to learn some of your history too ;)

  3. 3

    Thanks for reposting these, Chris, I love what you do and the way that you do it.

    I thought it was particularly special the way that David Barton’s eyes twinkled knowingly as he grinned when he answered Glenn Beck’s question about how much the tattered Aitken bible in his hands would sell for: “A lot of money, a *lot* of money.”

    I can’t help wondering if this Robert Aitken is related to Congregationalist minister E.E. Aiken, who went missionarying in China during WWII to translate a Mandarin Chinese bible version? (And ended up being captured and imprisoned along with his wife by the Japanese.)

  4. 4

    I should note another amusing detail… (according to wiki at least) E.E. Aiken was also a “Skull and Bones” member!

  5. 5
    Mike Morrison

    That third video down, as Barton was making a case about the treaty signed by the US delegates with the religious salutation, I was itching. Real bad. I am not even a historian by any means of the word whatsoever, but even I knew what he was saying was downright ignorant. ENGLAND is the one that drew up that treaty, and the US SIGNED it. I knew you were going to point that out, and you used nearly the same exact wording I imagined you were going to use, even before you even said it.

    Personally, I don’t think that David Barton is “lying,” as that would mean he has the intent to knowingly make false statements. Rather, I think he is just plain ignorant on the subject of history, particularly the history of the founding of the United States.

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