Aug 09 2011

Please Sign MRFF’s Petition

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has a petition up at change.org to “Help Stop Fundamentalist Christian Extremism and Persecution in the U.S. Military.”

From the petition overview:

According to a soon to be released investigative report from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are spent each year on evangelical fundamentalist Christian concerts, retreats, youth programs and other events all aimed at converting military personnel and their families to Christianity.

This is not the money the military has historically spent on chaplains who provide support for military personnel who identify as people of faith.

Instead, the Department of Defense is spending on these programs with the intent to proselytize – here are just a few examples of programs funded with taxpayer dollars:

–$30 million a year spent on the Army’s Strong Bonds program. Strong Bonds is supposed to be non-religious, but has been hijacked by chaplains who have turned the program’s pre- and post-deployment getaways for soldiers and their spouses into evangelical fundamentalist Christian retreats held at Christian camps and resorts.

–Over $12 million in Department of Defense contracts have gone to Military Community Youth Ministries since 2000. The organization is known to stalk “unchurched” military children, using such tactics as following their school buses.

–$678,000 in Department of Defense contracts to hire evangelical Christian rock bands for a Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concert Series at Fort Eustis and Fort Lee in Virginia. Soldiers who opted-out of attending one of these concerts last year were punished.

Go read more and sign the petition here.



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