Aug 09 2011

My Discovery that Michele Bachmann Lied About Her Iowa Roots Included in New Yorker Article

Ryan Lizza’s article in the latest issue of The New Yorker, ”Leap of Faith: The making of a Republican front-runner,” contains lots of interesting stuff about everybody’s favorite wingnut Michele Bachmann, including a few things that I exposed a few months ago in a piece on HuffPost, like the lies she tells about the history of her pioneer ancestors in Iowa to sound more Iowan when she’s in Iowa. Turns out, Bachmann’s inspiring “Little House on the Prairie” story that she told at the Rediscover God in America conference and elsewhere just isn’t true, as census and other records reveal. But, when has Bachmann ever cared about real history? Lizza’s article also highlight’s Bachmann’s mentor John ‘even-to-extreme-for-the-tea-party’ Eidsmoe, who I mentioned in the same HuffPost piece.

Kudos to Ryan Lizza on an excellent article. Please go read his article, and also my original HuffPost piece that caused him to contact me about Bachmann’s lies and controversial mentor.

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    I love your posts and have your book. The HuffPo stuff turns me off. I know many of the SciBlogs do it, and others. (I was going to post about other people not liking it, but honesty is the best policy) Love the work. -D

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