Aug 09 2011

Let’s All Blame the Starving in Africa on the End Times — Or Not Be Such a Moron and Try to Help

I though this would be a kind of weird thing to post here, but it’s really not because it shows the mentality of the religious nuts — you know, the kind of people who think prayer extravaganzas like Rick Perry’s little Jesus-fest last weekend are the answer to our country’s problems.

Yesterday afternoon, I was taking a break and surfing around reading stuff, and saw an article by Maria Shriver about all the fucked up stuff in the news recently. The article included a photo of someone literally dying of starvation in Africa. I was sitting there looking at this photo right after I had just finished putting away my groceries, which included about $50 worth of food and treats for my dog and our other canine friends who hang out here when their people are away. The thought that I spend about $100 a month on feeding pets ($50 every two weeks) while looking at a photo of a human being wasting away from starvation was just too fucked up for me to get my head around, so I decided to donate the same amount I spend on dog food in a month to the Africa relief effort.

But what struck me as such a big part of the problem in this country were the comments on Shriver’s article about all this stuff in the news being a sign of the end times, and that people needed to pray and find Jesus. Bullshit! What these people need to do is what their so-called hero Jesus would have done! Help feed these starving people. (I’m not bashing all religious people here; just the ones who shoot off their pie holes about praying but don’t do anything else.)

So, if you can, do something like what I did. If you have a pet, figure out how much you spend in one month on pet food, and donate an equal amount to feed these starving human beings. If you don’t have a pet, pick something else, like what you spend on beer, smokes, or junk food in a month. Let the holier-than-thou religious nuts sit around praying and and waiting for Jesus to come back. What these starving people need is food, not freakin’ prayers.

I made my donation to Save the Children. Shriver has a link to them on her website because one of her brothers works for them, so I checked them out — wanted to make sure I was donating to a reputable organization, and not one of those lovely fundamentalist “Christian” organizations (someone had of course posted Franklin Graham’s reprehensible Samaritan’s Purse in the comments on the article) that make starving people go to worship services and give their lives to Jesus in exchange for food.

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    Seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to post here.

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