Aug 08 2011

You Asked For It, You Got It

In the comments on my little video of me playing the Star Spangled Banner, someone said they wanted more music videos, so here you go. I reconnected on Facebook with some people from a band I was in like fifteen years ago, and the songwriter who wrote this song we used to do about the religious right televangelist types reminded me about it and sent it to me on a CD, thinking it was the perfect song for me given what I do now.

This is “Hypocrites”  – Dorothy “Phred” Bailey, vocals; Jeri Fouhy, rhythm guitar and vocals; Dana Nankervis, bass and vocals; Lori Drejka on drums; and a much younger and much tanner me on lead guitar. The awesome lyrics are by Bob Frank.


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    Oh! Sounds cool. You wouldn’t believe all the musicians on youtube. Literally millions. Everybody spamming everybody. Sometimes you’ll see like the greatest musicians in the history of all time and they’ll have like 20 subscribers. And then you’ll see singers’ managers or relatives pretending like they’re the singers themselves, and going around flattering everybody so they’ll get them to subscribe to them. Hilarity ensues. Lol.

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