Aug 04 2011

Send the Kiddies Off to Vacation Bible … err Liberty? School

Hey, kids. Are you tired of those silly summer camps where you just act like kids and have fun? Is that week of Vacation Bible School that your parents make you go to over? Want to learn all about America’s Christian history so you can hop on the computer and tell all those liberals the truth just like mom and dad? Worried that you’re not that good at spelling yet and can’t spell hard grown-up words like fascist and communist? Don’t worry, your parents can’t spell words like that either. Here at Vacation Liberty School, the week long summer day camp where you’ll learn to think just like Glenn Beck, we’ll teach you everything you need to know! And, we have fun, too! Think ghost stories are scary? Well, wait until you hear about Woodrow Wilson, Barack Obama, and the scariest of all, George Soros, the puppet master!

Seriously, folks, there really is a summer day camp program that teaches kids all of Glenn Beck’s misguided crap. It’s based on the week-long Vacation Bible School model, and called Vacation Liberty School. And, one of the authors of the curriculum for this indoctrination program, Lisa Abler, is the guest on David Barton’s radio show today.

Here’s Abler on Beck’s show last summer telling Glenn how they explain to young children why they should be be getting right on the phone and calling Goldline as soon as they get their allowance.


I haven’t had a chance to read the entire 92-page curriculum guide yet, but figured I’d post the link here so other people who like to torture themselves can read it too – http://www.ivorynotebook.com/storage/VLSFHC_EV1_1.pdf

Be sure to tune in to David Barton’s radio show at 12:30 p.m. EDT (available as an mp3 download after that). And, don’t forget to send Barton and his co-host Rick Green your comments on the show.


  1. 1

    “They learn as the week goes by the prices in the store go up for the paper bucks, but they stay the same for the nuggets.”

    So, wait… they’re trying to teach a financial lesson with a deliberately phony situation? No wonder the teabaggers are so confused on economics.

  2. 2

    “They learn as the week goes by the prices in the store go up for the paper bucks, but they stay the same for the nuggets.”

    and the moment the kids realize this, they’re going to try trading their paperbucks for nuggets at ever inflating prices since the nuggets will be limited in number; and eventually, the fact that the adults are artificially lowering the worth of the paperbucks won’t matter, cuz after all this trading, the smark kid who sold all their nuggeds for twice the price they were originally worth will still end up being able to buy more candy than the kids who bought the nuggets at severely inflated prices

    which will be a lesson in why buying gold just because Glenn Beck tells you to is stupid.


  3. 3
    Phillip IV

    “A political camp, which sounds a little like, you know, the Hitler Youth or whatever — I mean, who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics? Disturbing.”

    (Glenn Beck on July 25th)

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