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Nov 19 2012

Twitter Question

What percent of all tweeters are fake spam shitte? More than 50%?

Sep 12 2012

United States Diplomats In Foreign Countries Are Motherfucken Twittering????

Can someone please explain to me what the fucke possible positive purpose could ever be served by fucken FOREIGN SERVICE DIPLOMATS spewing gibberish on goddamn motherfucken twitter????? I mean seriously. Isn’t the basis of diplomacy that you communicate using carefully worded detailed statements arrived at only after careful deliberation? And isn’t the entire purpose of …

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Aug 05 2012

Twittering Web Douche Gets Hacked, Likely Learns Wrong Lessons

Some twittering Web douche just got his whole meta-linked cloud-based hardware and data shitte hacked. (1) What kind of fucked uppe system allows an entire goddamn motherfucken laptop to be wiped remotely from the Internet? (2) Yeah, I’ll totally be “linking” all my fucken hardware shitte together and giving the keys to the whole fucken …

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Apr 28 2012


Since itte’s been a while since I’ve mentioned my thoughts on twitter: Twitter suckes complete fucken asse. I’d rather hammer a thousand nails through my dicke, pour gasoline on itte, and light the motherfucker on fire than engage with motherfucken twitter and the gibbering assholes yammering endlessly there in illiterate ejaculations and rushing around like …

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Mar 03 2011

More Twitter Nonsense

A blogging colleague is trying to decide whether to continue to “resist” twittering, and a bunch of mopes are trying to talk him into “embracing” it. One of their stupid rationalizations is that twitter is a great way to access the scientific literature and that it is really good for fostering actual science. What a …

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Jan 17 2011

Twitter And Scholarly Discourse

Roxie’s World has an outstanding post up concerning the role that twitter played at this big MLA (Modern Language Assembly?) humanities shindig that just happened in LA. She takes a balanced view on the roles of twitter as a communication medium for scholars, but also expresses some concerns. For example, of the approximately 7000 tweets …

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Feb 27 2013

Loonie Pit Bull Enthusiasts Indistinguishable From AR15-Loving Gun Nuts

Over on the twitterz, DrugMonkey is sparring with some loonie pit bull enthusiasts. Sadly, their best argument seems to be “well, even yorkies maim people”. Hmm, now where have I heard this before? Oh, right.

Sep 12 2012

Just So You Know The Kind Of People Who Find Atheism+ Threatening

Here’s a nice one. Clueless racist misogynist white d00d “libertarian” asshole high-school debate-team CHAMPEEN! Here is a sampling of his debate-team CHAMPEEN rhetoric: We are great at tearing down our opponents’ arguments. Was I being unreasonable? Please let me know. Huh, I know a few black people. Again, if you’re disallowed from doing the work …

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Dec 03 2010

Social Media

Fucken twittering facebooking gibbering fucken imbeciles voluntarily delivering their private lives to fucken sociopathic corporations for resale to other fucken sociopathic corporations. I’ll fucken hammer a billion nails through my fucken dicke and pour a trillion gallons of gasoline on it and light the motherfucker on fire with a fucken thermonuclear bomb before I’ll involve …

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Apr 28 2010

Fuck You, Twitdouches

BioE has discovered a new proposed “public art installation” for Cambridge, MA: An urban art installation proposal by Nick Rodrigues would install sculpted pigeons in Cambridge, MA, each equipped with a “pico projector” that would project a live Tweet stream. These tweetfucks aren’t fucking satisfied with smugly polluting the entire motherfucking Internet with their gibbering …

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