Mar 29 2014

Baseball Umpiring And Scientific Peer Review

This article describing a detailed statistical study of umpire reliability in calling balls and strikes is quite interesting. Some of the conclusions have implications by analogy for scientific peer review of grant applications and journal paper submissions:

Contrary to the expectation (or hope) that umpires would be more accurate in important situations, we found that they were, in fact, more likely to make mistakes when the game was on the line. For example, our analyses suggest that umpires were 13 percent more likely to miss an actual strike in the bottom of the ninth inning of a tie game than in the top of the first inning, on the first pitch.

The race of the pitcher, we found, also mattered, but not as much as other factors. Umpires were 10 percent less likely to expand the strike zone for African-American pitchers than for Caucasian pitchers, but race did not seem to influence whether an umpire called a pitch a ball when it was actually a strike.

One of the sources of bias we identified was that umpires tended to favor All-Star pitchers. An umpire was about 16 percent more likely to erroneously call a pitch outside the zone a strike for a five-time All-Star than for a pitcher who had never appeared in an All-Star Game. An umpire was about 9 percent less likely to mistakenly call a real strike a ball for a five-time All-Star. The strike zone did actually seem to get bigger for All-Star pitchers and it tended to shrink for non-All-Stars.

Mar 24 2014


Is it any less (or more) morally objectionable to lie about your sick cat to get out of a social obligation than it is to lie about your sick grandmother?

Mar 21 2014

Provided By The Management For Your Protection

(1) What the fucken fucke is this stupid piece of tissue paper protecting your asse from? All the goddamn pathogenic bacteria are on the fucken door handle.

(2) Who fucken gives a goddamn flying fucke that “The Management” provided this farcical nonsense?

(3) The only legitimate use for these fucken pieces of tissue paper are to dry your goddamn hands in a hell spawn bathroom where “The Management” hasn’t provided any motherfucken paper towels.

(4) The manufacturers of these fucken wispy pieces of shitte purposely make them all thin and feeble so that if you try to dry your hands with a stack of them, they disintegrate and leave little specks of paper all over your hands.

Mar 18 2014

Greatest Breakfast Sangwich Known To Humankind

Two eggs, over medium, with black forest ham and smoked gouda on ciabatta.

Mar 09 2014











Mar 09 2014

Polite Notice


Mar 09 2014

Farfalle with Red Onion, Tomato, Cream Sauce


Sautee some fucken red onions in olive oil with dried thyme and crushed red pepper flakes.


Deglaze with about a third of a cup of dry white wine.


Reduce until the wine is pretty much gone.


Add one large can/box of crushed san marzanos, simmer for a while until the sauce is coming together, and then throw in some chopped tarragon.


Sauce is pretty much done.


Add a half cup of heavy cream.


Keep simmering for a few minutes to incorporate the cream.


Add some pasta water and the drained farfalle, and finish on medium-high for a minute or two.


Fucken delicious!

Mar 09 2014

Women Pissing In Bars

Do women routinely squat above the toilet seat and just spray all the fucke over the place? Because I twice last night walked into a unisex restroom after a woman had walked out, and both times the seat was down and it was covered with drops of piss.

Feb 24 2014

How Not To Write A Letter Of Reference

Provide endless detailed accounts of the scientific content of the applicant’s published papers and how prestigious the journals are that they have been published in, while providing no insights whatsoever into the applicant’s professional and scientific character.

Feb 23 2014

Shrimp and Garlic Spaghetti

one pound shrimp
half pound spaghetti
olive oil
one fuckeloade of diced garlic
2/3 cup dry white wine
Vietnamese-style red chili in oil, with anchovy flavor
chopped sage
parmigiano reggiano


Sautee the shrimp in olive oil, starting on one side.


Turn them once, and when they are just barely done, remove and reserve.


Throw in the garlic and sautee. When it is starting to turn golden, throw in a nice dollop of chili.


Continue to sautee until the garlic is nice and golden.


Deglaze with the white wine and throw the pasta in boiling salty water.


After a few minutes, throw in some sage.


Sauce is done.


Add about one cup of the pasta water to the sauce, throw in the drained pasta that is still not quite molto al dente, and finish on medium-high for a few minutes.


When it’s just about done, add the shrimp and continue to cook until they are hot.


Use tongs to serve the pasta, then arrange the shrimp, and finally top with the remaining sauce in the pan. Garnish with sage and reggiano.

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