Barbaric And Targeted

Why is it more “barbaric” to behead a journalist than it is to blow up a bunch of civilians as collateral damage in a “targeted” drone strike or bombing raid? And what the fucke does it even mean to say a drone strike or bombing raid is “targeted”? Other than carpet bombing–which is so far off the table–every bombing raid and drone strike is aimed at some target.

How To Read A Retraction

Donmez et al. (2010) reported that SIRT1 suppressed Alzheimer’s disease in a mouse model by upregulating the ADAM 10 α-secretase gene via coactivation of the retinoic acid receptor, RARβ. Increased α-secretase bypassed the processing of APP by the β-secretase, thereby reducing the amyloid burden. It has come to our attention that several figures in the paper contain images in which gel lanes were spliced together without appropriate indication. There are also instances of image duplication. We believe that these errors do not affect the conclusions of experiments in the paper. Moreover, the finding that SIRT1 upregulates the ADAM 10 α-secretase in neurons was reported by Theendakara et al. (Theendakara, V., et al. [2013]. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110, 18303–18308), and the more detailed finding that SIRT1 and RARβ cooperate in neurons to activate ADAM 10 has also recently been reported by Lee et al. (Lee, H.R., et al. [2014]. J. Neurosci. Res. Published online June 5, 2014., thereby supporting our main conclusions. However, the level of care in figure preparation in Donmez et al. falls well below the standard that we expect, and we are therefore retracting the paper. We offer our sincerest apologies to the scientific community for these errors and for any inconvenience they may have caused.

== we faked the everloving fucke out of our data, but by sheer random dumb luck the conclusions we faked our data to support turned out to be maybe correct.

Funny Shittio

While the usual is that badde shitte makes it hard to concentrate on difficult intellectual work–like drafting manuscripts and grants–I just found out some awesome fucken shitte, and it is making it hard to concentrate. Every time I try to get to work, a voice pops into my head and says, “Hey, fucke this painful difficult work: AWESOME FUCKEN SHITTE!!!!11!!!11!!11!!