What The Fucken Hell Is The Goddamn Point Of This Idiocy?

So some asshole suburban douches decided to “pay it forward” by buying the next customer in line’s drink at a goddamn Starbucks instead of their own? If these fuckers were already in line at the goddamn Starbucks, then presumably they felt that a fucken mocha poopa frappadouchino was within their means. So what kind of bullshitte fakeasse “act of generosity” do these fucken morons think they are engaged in?

You wanna do a goddamn good deed and thereby generate some good karma? Find some poor fucker not already in line at Starbucks with his AmEx card out and who looks a little down on her luck, and buy that poor fucker a goddamn mocha poopa frappadouchino, even though no one bought you one. Jeezus fucke this goddamn shitte chappes my asse! I applaud that motherfucker who told these people to go fucke themselves, and then gave the baristas a huge tippe.

Barbaric And Targeted

Why is it more “barbaric” to behead a journalist than it is to blow up a bunch of civilians as collateral damage in a “targeted” drone strike or bombing raid? And what the fucke does it even mean to say a drone strike or bombing raid is “targeted”? Other than carpet bombing–which is so far off the table–every bombing raid and drone strike is aimed at some target.