Comradde PhysioProffe’s New Bloggeing Project: Ask Your Comradde

I am starting Comradde PhysioProffe’s advice column. So please e-mail your questions about love, life, academia, cooking, how to deal with annoying motherfuckers, or whateverthefucke to, and I’ll answer them here. I am totally qualified for this!

UPDATE: And yo, duh! Itte’s called Ask Your Comradde!!

UPDATE 2: And one other thing: I have spent my life dealing with highly toxic intrusive manipulative boundary-violating family members. So I am totally a motherfucken expert on dealing with that shittio!

Baseball Statistics Question

The Yankees just hit 9 consecutive hits in an inning tonight. I was able to find out that the record for consecutive hits in an inning is 11, achieved by the Colorado Rockies a few years ago. Anybody know, or know how to find out, how many times 9 consecutive hits in an inning has been achieved, and what teams did it?