Like Anyone Gives A Flying Fuck

Apparently, corporate CEO blogging is a growing business trend, and has been attracting the attention of both pustulant marketeers and gonorrheic management gurus. Excuse me, but who the fuck wants to read what some shitheel bugfucker CEO writes on his stupid fucking blog?

The whole point of reading blogs is that they are written by normal people with something to say, not the same fuckwad corporate oligarchs and their sniveling lackeys who spew all the “media content” projectile vomit that dominates everything we see, hear, think, and do. I read blogs to get away from those motherfuckers and their media shitstorm, not to learn more about their depraved strategies for corporate profiteering.

(h/t Abel Pharmboy.)

Shocked Swedish Scienceblogger Susses American Political Ratfucking

Progressives have long understood that the “center” of US electoral politics is actually highly skewed in the direction of raving wackaloon right-wing “conservatism”. There are many reasons for this, not least, the corporate-oligarchy-controlled mainstream media and their CEO-boxershort-sniffing scumfucker journamalists.

Well, cool Swedish scienceblogger Martin Rundkvist (luckily he doesn’t have any of those fucked up Swedish letters with little circles and shit in his name, which would have forced me to misspell it) has a new post up at his cool science blog Aardvarchaeology (Rundkvist is a sneaky bastard, picking a blog name that starts with two As) entitled, “US Politics Have No Left Wing”, in response to which PhysioProf can only say: “Dude, welcome to our fucking world!”

First Anniversary Of Blogroll Amnesty Day

Jon Swift has the full story, but the bottom line is that this is the first anniversary of Blogroll Amnesty Day, a day that now is commemorated by smaller blogs who link to blogs even smaller than them. Well, PhysioProf is about as small it is possible to be, and I certainly don’t want to insult anyone by implying that they are even smaller than PhysioProf.

Accordingly, here at PhysioProf, Blogroll Amnesty Day will be celebrated by linking to, and blogrolling, bloggers who have supported PhysioProf in the genesis of this blog. Also, I am adopting the Jon Swift continuous amnesty protocol, and will blogroll anyone who blog rolls PhysioProf. Just send me an e-mail that you have blogrolled me, and we’re fucking golden.

So, particular thanks to:

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Driftglass, the depraved bastard who inspired, and then strong-armed, PhysioProf’s blogturition.

PhysioProf’s Shorter Friday

Shorter Sara Robinson: “A bunch of ultra-rich right-wing assholes who stole their wealth from the middle class created by the left-wing progressive New Deal decided they didn’t need the middle class any more, but they were totally fucking wrong.”

(This is one in a series of “Shorter” pieces that will be made available on Fridays here. h/t Sadly, No!, who cite as follows: “‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.”)

Attorney General Mukasey Sells His Soul To Right-Wing Partisan Hackfuckery

In previous discussions both here and at DrugMonkey about the United States Drug Czar’s public health policy to kill junkies, there has been an understory about the Bush regime official who publicly disclosed the “kill junkies” policy. Bertha Madras is a “serious scientist”, and we need for “well-meaning” and “serious” scientists to serve in anti-science administrations to try to stem their worst affronts to objective reality and keep the lights on for when a non-batshit-insane administration takes over.

PhysioProf has argued strenuously against this tactic. Well, today I came across something from a different–but closely related in relevant ways I will explain–area of government professional service that strongly supports my contention that scientists, lawyers, and all other professionals who work for the Bush regime should be ridiculed, scorned, and shunned by their peers for collaboration in anti-science, anti-rule-of-law, antireality ideological partisan hackfuckery. [Read more...]

Mika Brzezinski Kicks Morning Joe’s Lame Wingnut Ass

I think PhysioProf may have been ranting and raving at some point about insufferable asshole Joe Scarborough and his “Morning Joe” morning swill. PhysioProf has noted that Scarborough’s sidekick Mika Brzezinski sometimes visibly appears to wish she were somewhere else, not dealing with loonie noxious nutjob Scarborough. Well Mika just got a schweet dig in at Scarborough on the air this morning, which warms the cockles of my fucking heart. [Read more...]

Former Scientist, Now Right-Wing Hack, Advocates Killing Junkies

Shorter Bertha Madras: “The government should just let junkies die, because almost dying might scare the fuck out of the ones that somehow manage to survive.”

This is just one more example of how bankrupt “conservative” right-wing ideology–a diarrhoeic blend of religious autoritarianism, ecconomic fuck-you libertarianism, and avowed rejection of objective reality–leads to morally abhorrent and pragmatically hairbrained policy. [Read more...]

The Kids Of America

This is a quote from the About page of a relatively new political blog called YOUTHinkLeft that is run by progressive teenagers: (YOUTH THINK LEFT) deals with political issues through original content delivered in an online newsmagazine style blog. The YOUTHinkLeft articles are written by preteens, teenagers, or young adults. Our ages range from 13-years-old to a college graduate. The majority of YOUTHinkLeft writers are high school students. Geographically, we extend from North Carolina to New Mexico and from Texas to Wisconsin.

We are progressives, liberals, democrats and greens. We are today’s youth, and tomorrow’s leaders.

These kids deserve some goddamn encouragement, so please check them out. They published a great well-researched post last week about the absurd criminalization of ordinary childhood antics and the use of police power–arrest and imprisonment–against unruly children (both characteristics of right-wing authoritarian political regimes). It’ll make your skin crawl.

When PhysioProf is a shrunken old coot, lying on his deathbed croaking out his very last rant at the gibboon-like antics of some smegmatic cockknuckle wingnut loony toon, these kids are gonna be running the fucking place!

A Democrat Shows Some Fucking Stones (UPDATED AGAIN!)

Chris Dodd is sacking the fuck up:

President Bush wants to shut down courts whose rulings he doesn’t like; last night, Senate Republicans showed that when they don’t like the outcome of a debate, they’ll shut that down, too.

It’s one thing for a president to express that kind of contempt for the process of legislation. It’s another for the members legislative branch to express it themselves.

* * *

[T]his is about far more than the telecoms. This is about the choice that will define America: the rule of law, or the rule of men. [Read more...]