“Voter Fraud” Is Yet Another Despicable Brazen Republican Lie

Here is an editorial by the New York Times explaining why the Indiana “Anti Voter Fraud” law is itself a fraudulent attempt by the Republican Party to deny the franchise to numerous United States citizens, and why the Supreme Court decision to uphold the law is a serious mistake. There is no evidence whatsoever that the form of fraudulent voting this law is intended to prevent—someone showing up to the polls and voting as someone else—even exists.

Who are the people who are going to prevented from voting because they do not possess a valid government-issued photo ID? The poor, the homebound elderly, the homeless, and racial minorities. The Republican Party does not want these citizens of the United States to be able to vote because they will not be voting for the disgusting neo-feudal fucking demons that the Republican Party drags out of the shitstreams of its morally heinous conservative sewer to put up for election every year.

This is all bad enough, but it is not the worst thing about the Supreme Court decision upholding the Indiana law. [Read more…]

Knitters Are Wonderful Generous People!!!11!1ELEVENTY!11!1!

The first wool beanie being made for me by members of the Lazy, Stupid & Godless knitter conspiracy is now complete! Many thanks to wonderful generous Lab Cat (cdavies) for this beautiful wool beanie!

How fucking awesome are the cables!? It’s like an Irish fisherman’s sweater. I am very touched by this kind and affectionate act. More photos are below the fold.

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Baseball Players Need To Sack The Fuck Up

Yesterday during the Yankees pre-game show, Michael Kay asked manager Joe Girardi about the foofaraw surrounding phenom pitcher Joba Chamberlain’s habit of fist pumping when he strikes out a batter. For those that don’t give a flying fuck about the Yankees, or even about baseball, the context here is that baseball players are very, very concerned about being “shown up” by opposing players. So a bunch of whiny-ass fucknozzle batters who have been struck out by Chamberlain have complained that his fist-pumping is “showing them up”, and he better stop it because he is TOTALLY RUINING THE DIGNITY OF THE GAME OF BASEBALL!!!!1!111!!11!!TWELVETY!1!!!!1!!!!!1

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Memo To Democrats From PhysioProf

So it looks like even more likely now that Obama will win the nomination, although I guess there is some non-zero chance that Clinton could somehow pull something off. Regardless, it will soon be time to focus on the general election. This has been a very hotly contested primary, and there are a lot of short tempers and tense feelings. Well, it is now time for all Democrats—regardless of Democratic candidate preference—to settle the fuck down! [Read more…]

“Explanations” Of Under-Representation By Privileged Assholes

Zuska has a fascinating discussion going on concerning the curious fact that shitbag privileged assholes always seem to come slithering out from under whatever skanky rocks they reside to “explain” the fact that the non-privileged are under-represented in some endeavor because of some essential aspect of human biology, psychology, or other immutable inevitable feature of human nature, and never because of their fucking lack of privilege.

Now personally, whenever I hear a privileged asshole explain that the reason why the non-privileged aren’t equally represented in some endeavor is due to “genetics” or “lack of interest” or some other cockamamie essentialist bullshit he pulled right the fuck out of his ass, I tend to be pretty fucking skeptical! It’s just a little bit too convenient to just be a coincidence that dispassionate consideration of the scientific evidence on the ground leads right the fuck to maintenance of the privilege status quo, you know what I’m saying?

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Obama, Wright & Wackaloon Religious Assholes

The Reverend Wright foofaraw is just an inevitable consequence of the fact that in the United States we incorporate into our political discourse–indeed elevate to the highest level of importance–the delusional views of wackaloon religious assholes and the relationships of political candidates to those assholes. And with the collusion of people who literally hate America and everything it stands for—the sick-fuck right-wing and its craven canape-eating chardonnay-swilling shitbag fake-ass journamalist enablers (Russert, Matthews, Scarborough: Fuck you, you motherfucking scumbags!)—we just keep doing it over and over and over and over.

This garbaggio is totally fucking insane, and is yet another reason why our nation is swirling down the shitter. (h/t Abel Pharmboy for making me think about this absurd douchecornetry!)

UPDATE: Welcome to my shiny happy visitors from Crooks & Liars! Make yourselves at home, but don’t use those lace towels in the fucking powder room. They’re just for show.

It’s Three RBIs, Fucknozzle, Not Three RBI!

Can someone please tell the ridiculous fucking assmonkey shitbag talking heads at ESPN that the plural of “RBI” is “RBIs”, not “RBI”? I have had it up to here with this fake-ass illiterate pseudo-intellectual pompous douchebaggery coming out of the mouths of a bunch of dumb-ass frat boys who all got picked last for kickball! FUCK!

Those who are interested in the opinions of others concerning this important issue, please go here.

Further Comment On Intellectual Appropriation, Attribution Of Credit & Privilege

Commenter Bijan Parsia made an important point in our discussion of intellectual appropriation and attribution about the role of good faith all of this:

One thing to remember is that *good faith* is critical: One shouldn’t let the idea of better than due diligence prevent one from doing work (or posting), but if one makes an attribution mistake it helps to apologize and try to rectify (as you did in your case). [Read more…]