PhysioProf Loves Knitters And Crocheters Back!

OK. Here’s the deal. Knitters and crocheters in the “Lazy, Stupid, and Godless” (“LSG”) discussion group at the Ravelry Web site have linked to and discussed PhysioProf with approval. According to one of their participants, it is “The group for hardworking, smart, and sometimes spiritual people who have a bad attitude!” Well shit, that sounds pretty fucking cool! Nice friendly people love me; I love them back.

So I’ve got a proposal for LSG, who I suspect have some seriously cool thoughts and ideas about knitting/crocheting, laziness, stupidity, godlessness, and whatnot to spread to the wider community, but which are hidden at Ravelry. You guys whip up a “Knitter’s And Crocheter’s Lazy Stupid And Godless Manifesto” (or,as I like to call it, “KnACroLaStAGoMan”), and I’ll post it here. And if you guys have ongoing thoughts you wish to share with the world going forward, I’ll also post them on an ongoing basis.

So what’s in it for me, besides that I just get to be a totally fucking nice guy and hang out with cool knitters and crocheters? Well, an expertly knitted present emblazoned with “Knitters [heart] PhysioProf!” would be very nice and very appreciated. And no, not a fucking codpiece! But a wool beanie-type cap would sure be great. PhysioProf wears wool beanies all the time. And I promise to take photos of myself in it, and post them here.

So, whaddya say, knitters and crocheters of LSG? Deal?

Holy Shit! Knitters And Crocheters Totally Love PhysioProf! (UPDATED, AGAIN)

PhysioProf is getting a stream of visits from a link in this post on “Ravelry”, “a knit and crochet community”:

PhysioProf happens to love knitters and crocheters, and is very distraught at the possibility that knitters and/or crocheters think he is lazy, stupid, and/or godless. But maybe these knitters and/or crocheters are actually posting something like “there are some really nasty lazy-ass fucking asshole stupid shitbag godless wackaloon douchecornets out there on the Internet, but PhysioProf sure isn’t one of them, and we totally love him!!!11!!!!”

This “ravelry” place is subscription only, so if anyone can get in there, please let me know if the knitters and/or crocheters love or hate PhysioProf. Because it is really important to know who loves, and who hates, PhysioProf.

UPDATE: Apparently my suspicion that the knitters and/or crocheters love PhysioProf is totally true!!!1!1!!!!11!1!11!! Commenter Cat is a subscriber at Ravelry, and reports in her comment that “knitters and crocheters love you PhysioProf. At least the members of the lazy, stupid and godless group do.”

Furthermore, commenter Dr. Jekyll is now considering the possibility of knitting PhysioProf a nice present!

Maybe you have a fan club, and they’re all planning on sending you a group-knitted present–I’m seeing a giant tea cozy, or balaclava or similar, perhaps with “Knitting Douchecornet Wackaloons [heart] PhysioProf” emblazoned on it.

FWIW, I knit AND quilt.


And now I think I know my next project.

PhysioProf would totally wear a wool beanie-type cap emblazoned with “Knitters [heart] PhysioProf!” I’m just saying.

UPDATE 2: And by the way, just to let all the knitters and/or crocheters who are visiting here part of why PhysioProf loves knitters and/or crocheters so much: beloved PhysioGrandma crocheted many an afghan for PhysioProf, PhysioMom, PhysioDad, and PhysioSis when she was alive. She was a wonderful loving person.

Mike Mukasey Makes Chuck Schumer Look Like A Fucking Idiot

When AG Michael Mukasey was up for Senate confirmation, I wrote a very sternly worded letter to my Senators, Clinton and Schumer, exhorting them to make sure that they didn’t vote to confirm someone who wasn’t going to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States. Schumer, a pivotal vote on the Judiciary Committee, personally vouched for Mukasey based on his long-standing knowledge of Mukasey’s prior public service as a prosecutor and judge.

Indeed, several weeks after the confirmation, PhysioProf recevied a letter back from Schumer’s office containing the following happy talk: [Read more…]

Blogging While Pseudonymous; Blogging While Female (UPDATED)

Zuska and Female Science Professor have both posted in the last few days on writing and blogging while pseudonymous. FSP had this to say about those who bitch and moan about it:

Some of the brave souls who rage against us Anonymous Ones say that we are damaging the public image of Academe. According to the anti-Anonymous writer in the Chronicle, Peter Plagens the Painter, we “skulk” (in fact, some of us simultaneously skulk and gripe, perhaps indicating a talent for multi-tasking?), we fear our stories might not “check out”, and those of us with tenure have “no excuse whatsoever”.

PhysioProf had some thoughts on this topic, which he posted over at FSP’s place, and which elicited some “interesting” reactions. [Read more…]

PhysioProf Critiques Some Fucking Architecture

PhysioProf is neither an artist nor an architect, but he does know that a major difference between art and architecture is that artworks need serve no ends other than the creative vision of the artist, while buildings must serve a broader purpose. Unlike art, many people are forced by circumstances beyond their control to look at buildings, enter them, live in them, and work in them. So when I saw a photograph of this building (h/t Amanda Marcotte), my first thought was, “Jesus Fucking Christ! What kind of demented fucking wackaloon architect designed this, and what kind of asshole douchemonkey developer signed off on the design and paid for the thing to be built?

[Read more…]

Foul Language And Civility

PhysioProf has been giving a lot of thought lately to the issue of foul language and civility. Many people have commented that PhysioProf’s constant use of dirty words detracts from his message, and turns off many of the very people that he is seeking to reach out to and influence. After ruminating very long and very hard about this issue–and the legitimate very firmly stated concerns of many readers and potential readers–I have decided that this is correct. There are many people out there who might agree with what I have to say, but are turned off by my excessive purely gratuitous use of foul language.

Accordingly, my days of incessant swearing are over, not only here, but also at DrugMonkey and in the comments I leave at many other blogs. I consider this an important transition for PhysioProf, a maturation, if you will, and I seek the assistance of my readers in keeping the tone down in the comments as elevated as it will henceforth be up here.

Left-Wing Wealth, Right-Wing Wealth, And The Exploitation Of Fear

I was having a political discussion with a friend of mine who is a very, very good person, and cares deeply about his family, friends, and this nation. We were talking about the race-, sex-, and class-based schisms that currently divide the nation.

I contended that the only way to get past this stuff is for everyone to realize that the elite right-wing corporate oligarchy has intentionally fueled race-based and sex-based discord and division so as to splinter the vast majority of people in this nation so that they do not unify as a class-based supermajority and kick the elite right-wing corporate oligarchy right to the fucking curb where they belong, and give this nation back to its citizens. [Read more…]

What The Fuck Is Up With The Meghan McCain Lovefest?

When Amanda Marcotte posted semi-approvingly of John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain a few days ago, I figured it was just some kind of random aberration:

I wish there was a way to do an intervention on Meghan McCain. If you’re guessing, yes, she’s the daughter of John and Cindy McCain and, as a grown woman, she’s out there stumping for her dad. And, well, I kind of like her. If her blog wasn’t ostensibly to get her war-mongering, corporatist, anti-choice father into office, I’d probably be a fan.

But now, M. Leblanc at BitchPhD is doing the same thing:

Okay, she’s kickass, except for this whole part:

“I’m an Independent. Socially liberal, economically conservative. I believe in a lot of Republican ideals, with the war being the number one thing I completely agree with my dad on.”

Come on, Meghan, if you’re going to disagree with your dad about one goddamn thing, the war would be an excellent choice. [Read more…]

PhysioProf Is In LOVE!

At this bus stop in the blogosphere, I’m Queen Cunt of Fuck Mountain, and I’m mean for a reason.

This made me swoon!! And yes, I know this post by Melissa McEwan is several years old, but I hadn’t seen it until recently (h/t Coturnix). It also addresses an important and timely point, given all the recent discussion on “tone”, and “framing”, and shit like that. For fuck’s sake, even sports radio douchemonkeys like Mike and Mike are all in an uproar because Tiger Woods told some asshole with a fucking camera that if he clicks the shutter again during the backswing, Tiger is going to “wring his fucking neck”. Go Tiger!! [Read more…]

This One Is For The Ladies

Female Science Professor has another very interesting post up today, this one concerning a discussion among Scientists at a dinner party:

One of the Scientists asked the others the following question:

If you could make a pact with the Devil and become supersonically, cosmically famous — of the order of magnitude of Isaac Newton or Charles Darwin — within your lifetime, but on the condition that you die within 6 years, would you do it? [Read more…]