Posted At Feministe: Teh Laydeez Are So Cute When They Try To Blog

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The fucking New York Times strikes again with their abysmal coverage of issues relating to women’s activities in the public sphere. In this article entitled “Blogging’s Glass Ceiling”, Kara Jessela covers the BlogHer conference held last week in San Francisco, California.

First of all, does it surpries you one fucking bit that this article–about the business activites of women bloggers–is in the Fashion/Style section of the Times? Cause you know, anything women do is all about fashion and style, it’s not real manly-man shit like business and sports and technology.

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Project Runway Discussion Thread: 7/23/08

Of the three worst designs, I thought they were all equally crappy, and didn’t really see much distinction among them. Of the three best, I thought the high-necked slender dress was the best, and should have won. I thought the asymmetrical laced-sided dress was second best, and the cut-up slices dress–which won–should have been third.

I was particularly impressed with the ability of the “leathuh” designer to transcend her apparent single-minded focus on laced-up leather rock-and-roll clothes.


Posted At Feministe: More On Medical Battery

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Lauren posted yesterday on a disgusting story about an orthopedic surgeon who has been placing temporary tattoos on his patients during surgery. The shit hit the fan when this asshole placed a red rose tattoo under the panty line of a female patient, who didn’t discover the tattoo until her husband saw it. Lauren has more of the details and an excellent take, so please read her post.

I want to give you my take on this as a PhysioProf who works at a highly prestigious medical school and academic medical center

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Posted At Feministe: The US Economy Is Completely Utterly Totally Screwed

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I’m sure many of you intentionally watch, or at least sometimes inadvertently are exposed to, the “financial” shows on channels like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, etc. They have all these financial tickers streaming across the screen, and very professional looking men and women in business suits “on location” at various equity and commodity exchanges acting like they know what the fuck they are talking about. And they have “experts” on various financial and economic topics who “analyze” why the Dow rose 100 points yesterday, but is down 175 today.

Well, let me tell you something: These people are all scurrilous lying sacks of shit, selling you a bill of goods in service of their corporate masters. They are purposefully hiding from you the ugly ugly truth about the US economy, in order to “prevent panic”, which is code for “give the ultra-rich time to pocket their ill-gotten gains before the bottom falls out”.

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Posted At Feministe: Humor, Rhetoric, And Power

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Lots of discussion in blogtopia recently concerning humor. Left-wing bloggers seem split on whether the New Yorker Obama fist-bump afro black-power muslim flag-burning cover is delicious satire of delusional far-right-wing wackaloon assholes versus dangerous fodder for delusional far-right-wing wackaloon assholes. There have also been differing views on whether it is appropriate for white folks to use “nigger”, either humorously or as a rhetorical device.

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Posted At Feministe: Foul Festering Rot At The Heart Of America

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There is a foul festering rotten core at the heart of the American polity. This core is comprised of pure undiluted hatred: for women, for anyone of non-European origins, for foreigners, for non-Christians, for “intellectual elites”, for pretty much everyone. This core has its roots in American slavery and has existed as a defining element of our polity since the Founding.

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Posted At Feministe: Gender Inequity In Science: Why Legal Remedies Are Grossly Inadequate

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When I was poking around at the Protein Wisdom right-wing wackaloon treehouse seeing what they had to say about my fisking of the NY Times piece on Title IX and science, I stumbled upon a species of apologist argument that I would like to address generically. The basic idea is that there must not be inequitable discrimination in some venue, because if there were, those discriminated against would be suing left and right, thus providing a strong incentive for the institutions that control that venue to stamp out discrimination.

Well the fatal flaw with this argument is that the overwhelmingly vast majority of inequitable discrimination that occurs in science is not legally actionable. I will illustrate this with shit I have seen with my own two eyes.

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Posted At Feministe: Blogging, Rhetoric, And Audiences

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I think I have realized why some people–almost all dudes, as far as I can tell–are not enjoying my guest blogging and feel compelled to let me know that I am “doing it wrong” and that I am “not convincing”. Here’s the dealio: you are very confused about who my intended audience is, and what exactly I am trying to communicate to that audience. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out what I’m talking about here.

If any of my readers are so inclined to go comment on this, go at it. But please be reasonably polite. I’m a pretty easygoing dude, but some of these Feministe commenters are starting to get on my motherfucking nerves. The over-the-fucking-top passive aggression and logorrheic concern trolling are starting to wear thin.

Posted At Feministe: Sinister Female Conspiracy At Heart Of Major Scientific Society

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I was just checking out the program for the 2008 annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, one of the largest scientific societies in the world, with almost 30,000 members. I’m looking at the list of four Presidential Special Lecturers, and I notice something that indicates the existence of a sinister female conspiracy at the heart of the Society.

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