Posted At Feministe: Gender Inequity In Science: Why Legal Remedies Are Grossly Inadequate

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When I was poking around at the Protein Wisdom right-wing wackaloon treehouse seeing what they had to say about my fisking of the NY Times piece on Title IX and science, I stumbled upon a species of apologist argument that I would like to address generically. The basic idea is that there must not be inequitable discrimination in some venue, because if there were, those discriminated against would be suing left and right, thus providing a strong incentive for the institutions that control that venue to stamp out discrimination.

Well the fatal flaw with this argument is that the overwhelmingly vast majority of inequitable discrimination that occurs in science is not legally actionable. I will illustrate this with shit I have seen with my own two eyes.

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Posted At Feministe: Blogging, Rhetoric, And Audiences

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I think I have realized why some people–almost all dudes, as far as I can tell–are not enjoying my guest blogging and feel compelled to let me know that I am “doing it wrong” and that I am “not convincing”. Here’s the dealio: you are very confused about who my intended audience is, and what exactly I am trying to communicate to that audience. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out what I’m talking about here.

If any of my readers are so inclined to go comment on this, go at it. But please be reasonably polite. I’m a pretty easygoing dude, but some of these Feministe commenters are starting to get on my motherfucking nerves. The over-the-fucking-top passive aggression and logorrheic concern trolling are starting to wear thin.

Posted At Feministe: Sinister Female Conspiracy At Heart Of Major Scientific Society

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I was just checking out the program for the 2008 annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, one of the largest scientific societies in the world, with almost 30,000 members. I’m looking at the list of four Presidential Special Lecturers, and I notice something that indicates the existence of a sinister female conspiracy at the heart of the Society.

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Posted At Feministe: Teh Laydeez Jus Don Liek Teh Scienz

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The New York Times just published a piece on the potential for application of Title IX gender equity legislation to academic science. Before getting into the details of that particular horrid excuse for journalism, I just want to say a few words in general about the New York Times.

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Posted at Feministe: Wackaloon Male Feminist Sex Criminal

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[W]hat the fuck is up with men calling themselves feminists?

I don’t call myself a feminist, because it’s not my call whether I am or not. It’s women’s call. I try not to be a fucking misogynist asshole and do what I can to reduce gender inequity in my professional and personal life, which includes trying to call out myself and other men on misogynist shit.

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Barack Obama Is Pissing Me The Fuck Off

What’s the fucking dealio with Obama? He has been selling himself as a different kind of politician, as someone who stands on principle. Well, he has recently been careening sharply to the right on a number of issues that are really fucking important to me: the motherfucking United States Constitution and women’s right to control their own motherfucking bodies, inter alia. Is Obama getting the usual bullshit advice from despicable Village “political consultants” in the vein of the truly heinous Lanny Davis? Does he really believe in the wackaloon authoritarian theocratic fuckwittery he is espousing?

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Why Can’t The ‘O’ Man Ever Shut The Fuck Up?

Field Negro tipped me off to the latest fake-ass hullabaloo over some dumb-fuck “patriotism” bullshit that Obama has “taken a position on”. Apparently a black singer who was selected to sing the national anthem at some cheesy fucking mayor’s event in Colorado switched the words to something known as the black national anthem. And just like night follows day, sick-fuck slimeball right-wing sleazebags were all over it like flies on shit, as evidence that all black people totally hate America and are subversive internal fifth columnists. But that is as expected, nothing remarkable, and not why we’re here.

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Left-Wing Wackaloon Punditry On The March?

Friend, colleague, and all-around motherfucking cool dude DrugMonkey has the following to say about an expected leftward shift in the ranks of the sycophantic wackaloon douchecornet pundit class:

now that we are exiting the era of idiot milquetoast pseudo left punching bags as “balance” on the right wing wackaloon punditard teevee shows, the question arises. who shall become the idiot milquetoast pseudo right punching bag for the soon-to-come left wing wackaloon punditard shows?


I’m not really seeing any evidence of a genuine leftward shift in the character of our morally depraved intellectually decrepit mainstream pundit-laden media. What the fuck is DrugMonkey talking about?