Poverty Of Imagination

Apparently, Sports Illustrated has decided to create a Web site devoted to their “swimsuit” issue. According to Salon’s Machinist, this site will host every photograph from the print magazine, as well as plenty of additional “content”, including videos. The swimsuit models are extreme outliers in terms of body composition, shape, and size, and the entire operation exists for the purpose of establishing that women have no value other than to please men. If you respect women as fellow human beings, you will not promote their dehumanization. There is nothing wrong with sexual fantasy and spanking your monkey, but how about instead of buying prepackaged corporate fantasy that harms both women and men, you use your fucking imagination?

Colin Powell Is An Arrogant Delusional Motherfucker

Colin Powell had some things to say to CNN on Friday, including that he may very well endorse a Democrat or an Independent in the presidential election. That sort of political ratfuckery is unremarkable for a craven self-promoting shitheel like Powell, and not intrinsically of any interest to the non-insane. However, Powell said something specific that made me vomit a little bit in the back of my throat:

“I will ultimately vote for the person I believe brings to the American people the kind of vision the American people want to see for the next four years,” he said. “A vision that reaches out to the rest of the world, that starts to restore confidence in America, that starts to restore favorable ratings to America. Frankly, we’ve lost a lot in recent years.”

Is this asshole fucking kidding!? [Read more...]

PhysioProf’s Shorter Friday

This is a little late, but fuck it:

Bobo continues to rock the fucking newsprint with his vibrant blend of mind-bogglingly obtuse analysis and abysmally shitty writing. Shorter Bobo:

“The Democratic Party is closely divided between obese ignorant slobs who like Hillary Clinton and cult-follower liberal elites who like Barack Obama, and is exactly like a combination of Tammany Hall and Louis XIV’s Court at Versailles.”

PhysioProf Guest-Blogging At Cool Constitutional Blog

Home of the Brave is a brand new community blog devoted to political issues relating to the United States Constitution. The blog was started and is owned by Annie, who is a citizen, non-lawyer, policy wonk. She has graciously invited PhysioProf, for whom Constitutional history, theory, and jurisprudence is a hobby, to be an occasional guest blogger. PhysioProf’s first post there is entitled “Constitutional Originalism, Natural Law, and the Ninth Amendment”.

Please check us out. And if you want to guest post on anything related to the Constitution, leave a comment. Annie is eager to bring interested people into the tent.

Clinton Is Crack, Obama Is Crank

There is an idea floating around that Hillary Clinton is less “electable” than Barack Obama, because the right-wing authoritarian leaders are champing at the bit to push the “Hitlery Klinton!!1!!1!!” button and set in motion a whirlwind of vicious hate from their drooling legions of authoritarian follower fuckknuckle wackadoodleloons, fueled on by a media attack machine that has been honing its Clinton-boning knives for almost 20 year. [Read more...]

Asshole A-List Blogger Jumps The Shark

Brilliant At Breakfast linked to a very interesting post at the Atrios blog yesterday. PhsyioProf is just a neophyte blogger, and so who this Atrios fellow exactly is isn’t very clear. I do recall wandering by the Atrios blog once or twice, and wondering why copy-pasting links and shit from other blogs was of so much interest that every post elicited hundreds of comments. Anyway, apparently the Atrios blog is looking for donations, and in order to muster some sympathy, has revealed how difficult the life of the major-league blogger truly is:

Much of the time “blogging” isn’t actually writing posts, it’s reading the immense amount of email, reading an immense amount of news/other blogs/etc…, corresponding with various people, and various other activities which have become a necessary part of the “job.”

Like I said, PhysioProf is just a neophyte, but I thought blogging was all about, you know, writing some shit that other people might want to read. Hearing about this asshole’s daily grind sniffing around for the tastiest scrotum to tongue bathe is not really inspiring me to pony up any coin.

Like Anyone Gives A Flying Fuck

Apparently, corporate CEO blogging is a growing business trend, and has been attracting the attention of both pustulant marketeers and gonorrheic management gurus. Excuse me, but who the fuck wants to read what some shitheel bugfucker CEO writes on his stupid fucking blog?

The whole point of reading blogs is that they are written by normal people with something to say, not the same fuckwad corporate oligarchs and their sniveling lackeys who spew all the “media content” projectile vomit that dominates everything we see, hear, think, and do. I read blogs to get away from those motherfuckers and their media shitstorm, not to learn more about their depraved strategies for corporate profiteering.

(h/t Abel Pharmboy.)