I Sure Hope DDay’s Fucking Right About This Shit

DDay posted something really, really interesting over at Digby’s blog a few days ago that made me stop and say, “Holy fuck!!” PhysioProf has definitely been hard on Obama about some of his “not liberal” and “bipartisanship” rhetoric. Those of us with a non-insane wackadoodle perception of reality are, needless to say, just a little fucking leery of the idea that the right-wing scumsucking shitmonger douchecornets that have spent the last 30+ years completely destroying every single fucking decent thing in the universe and replacing it with their obscene theocratic oligarchic partisan hackfuck perversion of humanity would have any place at the table where non-sick-fuck adults are going to have to sit down and figure out how to keep the ship of state from plummeting over the falls and completely destroying this nation and its citizens. [Read more…]

Ridiculous Demented Right-Wing Wackaloon Theocratic Douchemonkeys Fuck Up Big Time

PhysioProf is not real up on the controversy surrounding the movie Expelled, but apparently it is some absurd piece of right-wing Jeebus-freak dreck about how the theory of evolution SUXX0RS!!!11! and how horrible “evolutionists” are suppressing the BEST SCHOLARS EVAH!!!!11!11 from the “Intelligent Design” community (which as far as I can tell is just a Potemkin village from which right-wing theocratic beserkers can peddle their ridiculous Jeebus tales to credulous drooling moron right-wing authoritarian followers). [Read more…]

Maureen Dowd Is PhysioProf’s Worst Fucking Nightmare

Dowd’s editorial in the Times today was her usual unintelligible gibberish rooted in wacked out psychodrama from her 8th grade classroom. It was supposed to be about Obama’s BEST SPEECH EVAH!! (Yeah, it was a decent speech. I was more impressed by the fact that Obama sacked the fuck up and stayed loyal to his pastor in the face of the sick-fuck right-wing shitstorm brewed up in the twisted minds of Rovian shitbags and served to the addled public by sycophantic mainstream media scumbags.)

Anyway, back to Dowd and her disturbed feverish ravings. Her tortured wackadoodle stream of bizarre metaphors included this phrase:

Unlike what the Clintons did to Lani Guinier

Jesus Fucking Christ! Is there any goddamn motherfucking topic in the entire fucking universe that doesn’t make Dowd think about Bill Fucking Clinton!?!?!?!?

She is just my goddamn worst motherfucking nightmare!! Seriously, if Jack Bauer decides he needs to squeeze some important info out of me, he can just lock me in a room with nothing but the complete collection of Dowd’s columns.

“AAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I’ll tell you whatever you want to know!!!! Just make it stop!!!!!!”

OK. Now I feel better.

(h/t Wonderful Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast)

“Maintaining Order In The Financial Markets” Means “Fucking Over Ordinary Americans To Protect The Superrich”

These continued Fed interest rate cuts are bailouts of the greedy superrich using money stolen from the pockets of ordinary Americans.

You know who was on CNBC Squawk Box this morning practically begging the Fed for another rate cut, talking about how “good it would be for the economy”? Motherfucking Hovnanian! You think what’s good for him is good for you!? Are you fucking kidding me!?

All this talk about “maintaining order in the financial markets” is about making sure that the superrich get a nice soft landing for their soft greedy asses, while ordinary Americans pay for it through their fucking teeth.

Watch as the dollar totally fucking collapses. By the time the process is complete, the superrich will have retreated into fixed assets and commodities positions. You know who’s going to be left holding worthless fucking dollars? You, me, and fucking China.

More Important Shit The Bush Regime Has Totally Fucked All To Hell

Ars Technica reported the results of a Government Accountability Office (Congress’s investigative arm) on the Federal Communications Commission (the executive agency statutorily required to enforce the communications laws and administrative rules) that details severe deficiencies in enforcement:

The Government and Accountability Office (GAO) has concluded that the Federal Communications Commission does nothing with about four out of every five consumer complaints that it puts into a database and investigates. Even worse, the GAO could not discern from its survey of the FCC’s complaint process why the FCC takes no enforcement action with 83 percent of the complaints it looked into from 2003 through 2006.

PhysioProf doesn’t need to even read the rest of the article to know why this is happening. It’s because the fucking Bush regime has gotten rid of every single competent expert in wide swaths of the executive branch, and replaced them with obedient, but completely incompetent, partisan hackfucks who don’t know jack shit about anything to do with the shit they’re supposed to administer. [Read more…]

Holy Shit! House Dems Led By Nancy Pelosi Sack The Fuck Up!

It looks like House Dems led by Nancy Pelosi have succeeded in keeping their fucking knees from knocking long enough in fear of the shitheel Republicans to pass a FISA amendment bill that lacks the most egregious of Bush’s self- and corporate oligarch-supporting measures. And Pelosi stood up strongly against the sick-fuck right-wing accusation that Dem opposition to expanded warrantless eavesdropping powers and retroactive telecom immunity is gonna mean YOUR CHILDREN ARE GOING TO DIE DIE DIE!~!!!~!W!!!11!11!~!~1~1111!!!!!:

Bush appeared on the White House’s South Lawn Thursday to demand House passage of the Senate legislation, warning lawmakers: “The American people understand the stakes in this struggle. They want their children to be safe from terror.”

Then the House went off script. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) responded by all but calling the president a liar.

“We understand our responsibility to protect the American people. What the president is trying to do is something that we think should be stopped,” she said. “I am stating a fact. The president is wrong, and he knows it.”

Kick ass! [Read more…]

News Flash: Right-Wingers Are Totally Fucking Wackaloon Craaazy!

Glenn Greenwald put on his hip-waders this morning and went over to National Review (the demented right-wing propaganda rag founded by recently-deceased hateful racist sick-fuck William F. Buckley) to see what the nation’s most respected conservative commentators have to say about the pressing issues of the day. Here’s PhysioProf’s paraphrases of the pieces Greenwald found: [Read more…]

Mainstream Media Shitheels Addled By Misogyny

Is it really that fucking difficult for the ridiculous shitbag “journalists” in our mainstream media to figure out that referring to the prostitute patronized by Eliot Spitzer as a “hooker” is hateful misogynistic garbage?

“It’s 50 and partly cloudy today. Late breaking news: here are the latest photos of Governor Spitzer’s sexy hooker. Our other top story today is the rescue of a local schoolgirl’s cute little kitten from the top of a tree.”

What the fuck is wrong with these despicable pieces of shit!? It’s one thing to hate women so much. It’s yet another to be so oblivious to it.

Manly Right-Wing Wackaloon Douchemonkeys

Coturnix has a nice post up concerning the obsession of asshole right-wing Republican motherfuckers with “manliness”. Let’s be very clear on one thing: The only people left in the Republican Party right now are (1) insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian followers, (2) greedy power-mad sick-fuck corporatist oligarchs, and (3) insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian leaders who are tools of the greedy power-mad sick-fuck corporatist oligarchs. All this “manly” shit is part of their clever scheme for keeping the insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian followers in line by serving them a toxic brew of fear, hate, and rage.

Quit Your Petulant Fucking Bellyaching

I am getting wind of people–including some progressive bloggers–who are just freaking the fuck out with their Obama or Clinton mania. Some of them are going so far as to petulantly stamp their feet and promise to vote for McCain or Nader if “their” candidate doesn’t get the nomination.

Hey, dipshits! You can’t have a successful political party without loyalty, which is defined as party before candidate. This is the entire fucking reason political parties exist, to channel loyalty into political power. That is it. No loyalty means no party means no power. It’s as simple as that.

It is mind-boggling that some Democrats need this shit explained. Like they have just been fucking sleeping, or hitting the bong, for the last thirty years or something.