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Jun 24 2014

House of Games Playing Throne Cards

These things that everyone is blabblung about, they are shows ontteevee?

Jun 23 2014

Selling Tires To New Yorkers

You’ve got a tire commercial on the motherfucken YES network during the Yankees game, and the tire spokesman’s accent sounds like some kind of southern inbred deliverance freak all like “Squeeeal like a taaaaahr!” Your audience is a bunch of fucken New York Hymietown kikes, dagos, spics, darkies, and other undesirable non-real Americans. I say …

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Jun 23 2014

TripAdvisor Is Fucken Fucked Uppe

Itte’s OK to write a review complaining about the softness of your bathmat, but not that your walking tour leader is a sexist fuckebagge.

Jun 23 2014

Flirting At Conferences

There is an interesting conversation going on at ProfLikeSubstance about flirting at conferences. The point of his post is that dudes should stop treating conferences as a fucken singles bar where they are entitled to “Hey, baaaaaby!” every fucken woman they encounter. And then of course there are the whiny motherfuckers in the comments section …

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Jun 23 2014



Jun 23 2014

Pregnancy T-Shirts

Over at Etiquette Helle, they are discussing this t-shirt: Surprisingly to me, a lot of commenters consider the shirt rude. Personally, I think it’s a funny way to enforce bodily boundaries against the truly rude assumption far too many people make that pregnant women are public property. Thoughts?

Jun 23 2014

Getting Older

Over the next few days, I’ve got an appointment with a dermatologist, orthopedist, and urologist. (And no, nothing is serious: just minor annoyances.)

Jun 21 2014

Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Unfettered Fracking Breaking The Crust Of The Earth In Subhuman Right-Wing Scumbagge Epicenter North Texas

Thirty-four motherfucken quakes in three months in an area of North Texas that hasn’t felt a tremor in years.

Jun 19 2014

Sneaking Up!!

Jun 18 2014


There is absolutely nothing wrong with lying to manipulative, intrusive, emotionally dangerous people in order to keep oneself safe and healthy.

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