Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Refusing To Raise Taxes On Rich People In Louisiana Even If The ONLY FUCKEN DENTAL SCHOOL IN THE ENTIRE MOTHERFUCKEN STATE HAS TO CLOSE

At what point does this lunacy stop? When even rich people in Louisiana can’t find a goddamn dentist to pull their suppurating teeth in excruciating pain?

While he called the current proposal “a bad budget for higher education,” he said the situation would be devastating if the Legislature were to turn down the tax credit changes and fix the deficit on cuts alone. In that case, Mr. Alexander said, thousands of classes would have to be canceled, the state’s sole dentistry school and as many as half of the agriculture centers would have to close.

You Learn Something New Every Day: Self-Mummification

So they did a CAT scan of an old buddha statue and found that there was a skeleton of a monk dude inside:

Experts believe that the mummy inside the statue is of Buddhist master Liu Quan, a member of the Chinese Meditation School.

* * *

The Museum is of the view that probably the Buddhist master ‘self-mummified’ himself. This is a long painful process involving starving oneself progressively for several years.

Self-mummification used to be a mainly Japanese practice. Discovery News describes this tortuous process in the following way. For 1000 days the monk would eat only nuts and seeds, reducing body fat to a minimum. Then, for another 1000 days a diet of roots and barks would be consumed. In the last stages, the monk would drink a poisonous tea made from the sap of the Japanese varnish tree to induce vomiting and elimination of body fluids. The toxic nature of the infusion probably helped kill off bacteria too.

Then, the skeletal monk was put in a stone tomb just fitting around the body. An air tube and a bell were provided. Every day the monk would ring the bell indicating that he was alive. When the bell stopped ringing, it was known that he had died. His mummified body would then be removed after another 1000 days and preserved. Only a handful of monks achieved this stage after the long and grueling process.

Sounds seriously fucked uppe!

Albondigas Soup

1 1/4 pound ground beef
one large white onion, diced
five cloves garlic, minced
two quarts beef broth
one large can diced san marzano tomatoes
olive oil
two bay leaves
half cup hot salsa
half cup chopped cilantro
six tablespoons corn meal
one large egg
quarter cup whole milk
half cup basmati rice
half teaspoon salt
half teaspoon black pepper
half teaspoon ground cumin
half teaspoon ground coriander


Sautee most of the onions, half of the garlic, and the bay leaves in olive oil until nice and translucent.


Mix the meat, egg, milk, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, half the cilantro, the rest of the onions, and corn meal well.


Form into balls.


Add the broth, tomatoes, rest of the cilantro, and salsa to the pot, bring to a boil, and simmer for 15 minutes, salting to taste.


Add the meatballs and rice to the pot, and simmer for twenty minutes.



Japanese Translation Needed (UPDATED)

This is a picture of a packet of ground pepper that I am trying to find available for purchase on the Internet. Can someone tell me exactly what it says on the package?


UPDATE: Turns out this is a proprietary spice mix called Kuro Shichimi, and is made only by a centuries-old spice shop in Kyoto:

Now trying to figure out how to fucken buy some on the Internet. There is a Japanese store here that has it, but it doesn’t look like they will ship internationally:


What is the thought process going on in people’s minds who put their feet up on the train seat across from them, and grind the filth from the bottom of their shoes into it? Are they happy to sit on the shoe-bottom filth of other people?

Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Delusional Half-Wit Jeezus Freak State Supreme Court Chief Justices Openly Defying The Supremacy Of The United States Constitution

Yes, of course it’s Alabama!!!

“Effective immediately, no probate judge of the State of Alabama nor any agent or employee of any Alabama probate judge shall issue or recognize a marriage license that is inconsistent” with the Alabama Constitution or state law, the chief justice wrote in his order late Sunday.

Of course, when these retrograde right-wing degenerates rant and rave about TEH CONSTITOOSHUN!!!!!, what they are talking about is the unamended version that established ownership of other human beings as an inalienable property right.