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Jul 22 2014

More Spam

Snoring Solar Panels Giant Blueberries Obama Refi Protect Your Family From Societal Collapse Chinese Peptide Synthesis

Jul 21 2014


Dicke Hair Insurance Hoses Fatte Russian Brides Taxes Loans Knees Forklifts Diabetes Private Jets

Jul 20 2014


Jul 20 2014

Shrimp Tacos


INGREDIENTS one and a half pounds shrimp in the shells corn tortillas (we got ours here) fuckeloade of garlic one poblano pepper dried oregano ground cumin ground coriander black pepper salt olive oil half cup white wine three fourths cup whole milk pico di gallo (fresh made at Whole Foods: too lazy to make myself) …

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Jul 18 2014

Appe Designer Who Should Be Drawn And Quartered

The motherfucker who works on Box Android and decided it was a good idea for the settings menu to “sproing” out and ease back instead of just smoothly opening. I fucken hate this motherfucker.

Jul 14 2014

Catte In a Boxe


Jul 14 2014

Snacke Trucke


Jul 14 2014

Creamy Rigatoni Puttanesca: VEGETARIAN (Sort Of)!!11!!!


INGREDIENTS half pound rigatoni olive oil fuckeloade of garlic Brooklyn Wok Shoppe Chili Oil (has anchovies in it) sliced olives capers (drained) splash of dry white wine dried oregano dried basil fresh-ground black pepper one large can crushed san marzanos quarter cup heavy cream salt parmigiano reggiano Sautee garlic in oil and, when they are …

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Jul 10 2014

Godde Fucken Dammit, Not This Fucken Shitte Again!!!!!

The plural of “RBI” is fucken “RBIs”, NOT “RBI”!!!!111!1!!!!!! JEEZUS MOTHERFUCKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it’s “Runs Batted In”, but it’s still “RBIs”. Just like they are “Attorneys General”, but “AGs”. CAN WE GET A FUCKEN ENGLISH PROFESSOR IN HERE TO SETTLE THIS FUCKEN SHITTE FOR ALL TYME????????????

Jul 04 2014

Totally Fucken Awesome!!

Joey Chestnut just proposed to his girlfriend during the pre-game!!! And she said, “Yes!” Ain’t love grand?

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