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Apr 06 2014

Jeezus Died On The Cross To Save Preacher Motherfucker’s Parking Space


Apr 01 2014

Fucken Truffleosity!! 111!yeah!!


Apr 01 2014

Fucken Redde Sockes

Guess who’s in last fucken place in the AL East!!

Mar 31 2014

Not A Joke

Some commenters have wondered whether my departure from FtB is some kind of April fool joke. It’s not. I am moving on. Any readers who care to continue to follow my blogge should email me to find out my next destination.

Mar 31 2014


Ed and PZ–the founders of FreeThoughtBlogges–have been receiving a ton of complaints about my blogge from from some of FtB’s most valued readers. They have convinced me that my persistent juvenilia is an embarrassment to the collective, and a hindrance to its serious work promoting reason and skepticism over blind faith and credulity. Accordingly, I …

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Mar 30 2014

Asparagus And Goat Cheese Risotto


INGREDIENTS one bunch asparagus one cup vialone nano rice three ounces goat cheese half cup grated reggiano parmigiano two thirds cup diced onions fresh-ground black pepper olive oil chopped dill four cups vegetable broth (or just water) salted half cup dry white wine Cut the asparagus spears into four pieces, and boil the bottom two …

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Mar 29 2014

Baseball Umpiring And Scientific Peer Review

This article describing a detailed statistical study of umpire reliability in calling balls and strikes is quite interesting. Some of the conclusions have implications by analogy for scientific peer review of grant applications and journal paper submissions: Contrary to the expectation (or hope) that umpires would be more accurate in important situations, we found that …

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Mar 24 2014


Is it any less (or more) morally objectionable to lie about your sick cat to get out of a social obligation than it is to lie about your sick grandmother?

Mar 21 2014

Provided By The Management For Your Protection

(1) What the fucken fucke is this stupid piece of tissue paper protecting your asse from? All the goddamn pathogenic bacteria are on the fucken door handle. (2) Who fucken gives a goddamn flying fucke that “The Management” provided this farcical nonsense? (3) The only legitimate use for these fucken pieces of tissue paper are …

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Mar 18 2014

Greatest Breakfast Sangwich Known To Humankind

Two eggs, over medium, with black forest ham and smoked gouda on ciabatta.

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