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Apr 15 2014

Reason Number Eleventeen Fuckzillion To The Kajillionth Power Why I’m Ecstatic Not To Be Involved With Faceshitte Or Other “Social Media” (i.e. Corporations Selling You To Other Corporations)

Q. Former Boss With Blurred Social Media Boundaries: My former boss at a large West Coast firm is relatively new to social media. He is a likable guy, my dad’s age, with a nice family. They hosted my own family for dinner—even for Easter—on many occasions over the years, and though we’ve moved on, my …

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Apr 12 2014

Reader Poll

What’s the best Honeymooners episode of all time? Opine in the comments. My vote is for when Ralph forbids Alice from keeping the puppy she brought home from the pound, so she makes him take it back. He gradually realizes what happens to the puppies that don’t get adopted, and ends up returning home with …

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Apr 12 2014



Apr 11 2014

Teaching Science to Kindergartners

I am going to be visiting a kindergarten to do some kind of science presentation and/or demonstration. Anybody got experience with this or otherwise have suggestions? I am at a near-complete loss for what to do.

Apr 10 2014

Ponderable 2

What delusional thought process is going through your mind when you send an e-mail flagged “important”?

Apr 10 2014


I wonder how many times I have typed the word “awesome” into the Internet: e-mails, blogge comments, etc.

Apr 10 2014

Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Single Mothers Working Three Jobbes Being Murdered By Republican Filth State Governors

The moral degenerate right-wing filth governor of Florida murdered this woman.

Apr 06 2014

Rock Shrimp Tacos


INGREDIENTS two pounds shelled rock shrimp olive oil chili powder blend salt black pepper half cup dry white wine half cup whole milk avocado lime shredded cabbage handmade corn tortillas (we got them here) salsa fresca (optional) queso fresco Rock shrimp. Mix plenty of chili powder blend and salt with olive oil to make a …

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Apr 06 2014



Apr 06 2014

Jeezus Died On The Cross To Save Preacher Motherfucker’s Parking Space


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