Apr 20 2014

Fucke, Yeah!

Apr 19 2014

Fucke Nova

Ivan Nova is fucken horrible, and the Yanks should have never picked him up in the first place, and why they fucken keep trying to get anything useful out of him is beyond me.

Apr 19 2014


All eleven Rays runs last night came with two outs. That’s fucken brutal.

Apr 19 2014

Reader Pop Quiz #2: Still No Google Allowed!!

In the history of modern baseball, have there been more perfect games or more unassisted triple plays?

I will provide answers to yesterday’s and today’s quizzes on Monday.

Apr 18 2014

Fucken Fleas

I got bit by fleas at my buddy’s house last year, but I had a delayed sensitivity reaction that didn’t kick in until a few weeks later, coincidentally the morning after I had stayed in a hotel. So I was convinced it was bedbugs in the hotel. The shit fucken itched for almost a month, with new bites appearing every few days at the beginning. I had no idea about the delayed sensitivity shittio, and so I was convinced that bedbugs had moved into our home and were attacking me at night. According to PhysioWife, I was waking up screaming every night “THE BUGS ARE ATTACKING ME!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!”

Only later on did I put two and two together and realize it was fleas from my buddy’s fucken skanky dog that he lets run rampant in the woods behind his house. The shittes were so itchy it kept me from sleeping!

Apr 18 2014

Reader Pop Quiz–No Google Allowed!

Have there been more all-time triple plays or more no-hitters in the modern MLB?

Apr 18 2014


If your infield turns a triple play behind you when you’re pitching, drinks later are on you, right?

Apr 17 2014

Triple Fucken Play!


Apr 17 2014


Apr 15 2014

Masshole Redde Socke Fan Fuckebagges Can’t Fucken Drive

I had the misfortune of having to drive extensively in Massachusetts today, and jeezus motherfucke. These fuckes are completely fucken oblivious to what is going on in all driving circumstances except that they are uniformly dead set on preventing any other drivers from getting ahead of them in merging/yielding situations and pay very close attention to that and intentionally cut your fucken asse offe. Otherwise, they drive as if there is no one else on the road. It’s like sharing the road with toddlers in the fucken snack line at kindergarten.

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