Barbaric And Targeted

Why is it more “barbaric” to behead a journalist than it is to blow up a bunch of civilians as collateral damage in a “targeted” drone strike or bombing raid? And what the fucke does it even mean to say a drone strike or bombing raid is “targeted”? Other than carpet bombing–which is so far off the table–every bombing raid and drone strike is aimed at some target.


  1. Pteryxx says

    Other than carpet bombing–which is so far off the table–

    I see whatte youe dide there. *highfives*

  2. Sunday Afternoon says

    Please excuse my pedantry in the horrific: by its very nature, a beheading with a blade is the very definition of “targeted”.

    I want to move to a better species.

  3. Alverant says

    It’s one thing to push a button like on a video game controller and kill people, it’s another to get up close and personal getting your hands bloody.

    That’s my guess at least.

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