Jun 26 2014


I’m getting spams touting forskolin pills for weight loss. What the everloving fucke??


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  1. 1

    They actually mean “Phlogiston”. Or something.

  2. 2
    PZ Myers

    Because cyclic AMP and vasodilation! It’s sciencey!

  3. 3

    I initially read “forskolin” as “foreskin”. Just sayin’.

  4. 4

    It couldn’t BE more pharmacologically inaccurate if it tried. Well, if they advocated the pills being deep fried and wrapped in bacon…

    …and Trebuchet…totally with you.


  5. 5
    Kevin Kehres

    And why does it not surprise me that the second hit I got when I googled it was a reference to Dr. Oz?

  6. 6

    A while back some idiot on the bus was trying to convince me that DMSO was therapeutic (I forgot for what ailment). He told me one can buy DMSO at the health food store. Wtf?? I told him to go home and look up the MSDS of DMSO.

  7. 7

    Forskolin is a real thing. (I used to work with it – it’s a useful tool compound for cancer research.) There was quite a bit of initial interest in developing it into a drug. It’s thermogenic, increases libido, and gives you a nice tan to boot. Pity it also gives you cancer…

  8. 8

    Yeah, HFM, completely that. Because it’s totes worth punishing fatties with cancer if it means you don’t have to look at their disgusting subhuman bodies. Works one way or another, eh.

  9. 9

    don’t be a wuss just take the pills

  10. 10

    Nommy pills!! I’m with Skeptifem. Take them. And buy that doods majic beans too!

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