Apr 10 2014

Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Single Mothers Working Three Jobbes Being Murdered By Republican Filth State Governors

The moral degenerate right-wing filth governor of Florida murdered this woman.


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  1. 1

    Well crappe! I thought that the threat to leave might be serious. Although I was hoping not, since I’d miss the recipes and have nowhere to whine.

    For a better way to write a blogge poste about the same topic, see Mano Singham here:

  2. 2
    Al Dente

    While Mano’s post may be more erudite, the Comradde perfectly expresses horror and disgust at politicians using their hatred of Obama as an excuse to kill people.

  3. 3

    @2: True enough. But I’ve been to the dentist today, and he used the words “root canal”, and I need to whine.

  4. 4

    She was an adult woman instead of a fetus.

    I have noticed that once the unborn are born, the Republicans go after them with both barrels.

  5. 5

    @4: Very true. If she’d been pregnant, they’d probably be wanting to charge her with murder for dying and killing the fetus. And it would be Obama’s fault, somehow.

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