Apr 10 2014


I wonder how many times I have typed the word “awesome” into the Internet: e-mails, blogge comments, etc.


  1. 1
    Al Dente

    I’ll play your game. How many times have you typed the word “awesome” into the internet? (Remember to count the one in the OP.)

  2. 2

    Since we in the Old World were taught Britlish instead of Mercan, the word used is usually “amazing” or “remarkable” over here. So, exactly zero times “awesome”.
    — — — — — —
    Can you maybe use some of these plants for seasoning? The resulting recipes would be interesting…
    “Spring planting” http://www.gocomics.com/richards-poor-almanac/2014/04/10

  3. 3

    You mean you’re typing? We all thought it was some experimental drool UI.

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