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Feb 24 2014

How Not To Write A Letter Of Reference

Provide endless detailed accounts of the scientific content of the applicant’s published papers and how prestigious the journals are that they have been published in, while providing no insights whatsoever into the applicant’s professional and scientific character.

Feb 23 2014

Shrimp and Garlic Spaghetti


INGREDIENTS one pound shrimp half pound spaghetti olive oil one fuckeloade of diced garlic 2/3 cup dry white wine salt Vietnamese-style red chili in oil, with anchovy flavor chopped sage parmigiano reggiano Sautee the shrimp in olive oil, starting on one side. Turn them once, and when they are just barely done, remove and reserve. …

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Feb 21 2014

Gmail POP Server Issue

I use Microsoft Outlook as a POP client to retrieve my mail from the Gmail POP server. Once in a while, Outlook retrieves a few old messages it had already retreived–it seems like they are almost always ones from the same conversation–as if it thinks it hadn’t already retrieved them. Any thoughts about whether this …

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Feb 14 2014

Conchiglie With Tomatoes, Onions, and Gorgonzola (VEGETARIAN)


INGREDIENTS half pound conchiglie olive oil red chili pepper flakes fresh-ground black pepper dried oregano salt one cup diced onions 1/3 cup dry white wine one large can/box diced san marzanos dollop of gorgonzola chopped basil parmigiano reggiano Saute the onions with red and black pepper, oregano, and a bit of salt, until they are …

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Feb 13 2014


For the love of motherfucken godde, “a faculty” cannot be used to refer to an individual, so stop fucken referring to one of your colleagues as “a faculty”. He or she is a member of a faculty, which is, by definition, a collection of people. Jeezus motherfucke, just stoppe itte!!

Feb 09 2014

Statistical Significance P-Value Thresholds

I am not aware of any theoretical or empirical justification for imposing an arbitrary absolute threshold for P-values below which we consider a difference “significant”–and thus considered scientifically relevant–rather than taking into account the actual P-value and adjusting *how* scientifically relevant we consider a particular difference to be. For example, if your P-value is less …

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Feb 09 2014

Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, e Peperoncino (VEGETARIAN)

This is a super-simple delicious dish! INGREDIENTS half pound spaghetti quarter cup olive oil six large garlic cloves, sliced red chili pepper flakes or red chili peppers in oil salt half cup grated parmigiano reggiano Sautee the garlic in the olive oil until it is starting to get golden. Meanwhile, start boiling the spaghetti in …

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Feb 08 2014

Olympics Ponderable

How do these ski jump motherfuckers learn to ski jump in the first place without getting killed when they don’t know how the fuck to ski jump yet?

Feb 08 2014

Bachelor’s Bleu Risotto


PhysioWife was out of town last night, so I whipped uppe this bachelor’s junk risotto with shitte I had lying around the fucken house. I will say, when only making a single portion of risotto at one time, it is hard to get it to come out creamy. INGREDIENTS quarter cup chopped onion dried thyme …

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Feb 06 2014

Chairs on the Court?

What is this new fucken thing where during a time out in college hoops they bring out a motherfucken circle of chairs into the post for the players to sit on?

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