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  1. Ichthyic says

    That bastard represents all the reasons I went from being republican growing up in that very city, Costa Mesa, to being a progressive green.

    the realestate moguls in Orange County didn’t just destroy Orange County over the last 40 years. they destroyed most of California itself, and even managed to export a lot of their toxic ideology on to the national stage.

    so much so, I not only could no longer live in CA, but not even in the US.

    fucking criminal sociopaths, the lot of them, and every one of them convinced they are a fuckin’ genius.

  2. Ichthyic says

    seriously. You can blame guys like Dana for:

    -the gutting of the California Conservation Department
    -the gutting of what once was one of the best public school systems in the entire country
    -the gutting of one of the most industrious and diversified economies in the WORLD, not just the US.
    -the biggest increase in homelessness, poverty, and wage depression the state has ever seen.
    -endless housing bubbles that made it so my parents were the last generation in CA to be able to afford a house on a median income.
    -the destruction of huge tracts of coastal wetlands that had been protected for decades.

    i really could go on and on.

    I hate these fuckers with every fiber of my being.

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