Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 23 2013

Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Filthy Republican Scumbagge Congressmen Who Disgustingly Trash Rental Homes And Sleaze Their Way Out Of Paying For It

There really is no level of disgusting selfish piggedom to which these subhuman filth will not descend.

Dec 23 2013

Faculty Job Searches in the Humanities

In this blogge post, former academic and now journalist Rebecca Schuman takes the English Department of University of California-Riverside to task for informing faculty job candidates that they will receive only five days notice before the start of the Modern Language Association conference if they are going to be invited to interview at the conference. …

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Dec 19 2013

Gluteus Medius Pain

I overdid running hills earlier this week, and now I’ve got some hip pain that my Internet MD diagnosis tells me is gluteus medius inflammation. Any readers have experience with that? If I take a day or so off, will it likely resolve? Or am I looking at a long-term problem? As of now, it’s …

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Dec 15 2013

Blanquette de Veau


This is a classical French dish, from way back in the days of Escoffier. Here is my version, which commits blasphemy only in two regards: (1) serving it over buckwheat kasha instead of white rice and (2) not using any butter to make roux for finishing the sauce (I just dissolve some cornstarch in a …

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Dec 14 2013

Fucken Fleas

I got bitten by motherfucken fleas at my motherfucken friend’s house five motherfucken weeks ago, and the goddamn motherfucken flea bites on my leg still itch like a goddamn motherfucker. Fucken goddamn fleas.

Dec 13 2013

Pitchforks and Torches

Ms. Viola supervised every detail of the makeover. She went on worldwide shopping sprees to find precise shades of Venetian onyx (even the elevator is onyx) and other decorative finishes, and visited Versailles so that she could replicate its grandeur in her 900-square-foot dining room. She recently installed the finishing touches in the duplex library …

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Dec 07 2013

Good Books For Two-to-Three Year-Olds

Suggestions welcomed!

Dec 04 2013

Words On Slides

Odyssey just posted about words on presentation slides. My practice is to have a short declarative title on each slide that summarizes the point of whatever graphical shitte is on the slide. This way if someone loses the train of a slide, they can at least just read the title and get enough to keep …

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