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Goat Ricotta And Tomato Risotto

one cup carnaroli rice
third cup diced onion
black pepper
red pepper flakes
dried dill
one pint cherry tomatoes
half pound goat ricotta
half cup white wine
olive oil
two cups chicken broth diluted with two cups water, salted to taste
quarter cup grated reggiano
basil microgreens


Sautee the onions with some black pepper, red chile pepper flakes, and dill.


Throw in a about two thirds of the tomatoes, halved.


Sautee them on lowest heat until they break down and form a jelly.


Throw in the rice, turn the heat up a little, and sautee until toasty.


Deglaze the pan with the wine.


Cook in the usual way with ladles of simmering chicken broth.


Keep cooking.


When the rice is very molto al dente, with some crunch left in the very center, turn off the heat and add one more ladle of broth, the ricotta, reggiano, and some of the basil microgreens. Stir a little bit to partially incorporate.


Throw in the tomatoes and stir gently to incorporate, without busting up the tomatoes. Allow to rest covered for a few minutes.




  1. superfragilistika says

    I am invited for risotto tonight at a friend house. Can’t wait to have it with good chianti. Good news is that partner is driving, not me. So I can start drinking at 4.30 pm until 9 pm and not to worry.

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