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Nov 28 2013



Nov 25 2013

Fucken Disgusting Republican Filth Failing at the Slightest Semblance of Giving a Fucke About Being Lying Subhuman Hypocrites

It’s an outrage for young white christian men to pay insurance premiums that go to covering maternity care, but they sure as fucke better cover my prostate cancer.

Nov 19 2013


If you’re in a bar, and you find yourself saying a sentence that starts with “The Internet”, it’s time to go home.

Nov 19 2013

Watching a Hockey Game at Madison Square Garden

Is it better to sit up close behind the goal, or further away near center ice?

Nov 16 2013

Right-Wing “Analysis” of Obamacare Web Site Problems

It is sheer incompetence that the administration couldn’t get something as simple as a Web site working properly from day one, and it is never going to be fixed properly because it is too complicated.

Nov 10 2013

Goat Ricotta And Tomato Risotto


INGREDIENTS one cup carnaroli rice third cup diced onion salt black pepper red pepper flakes dried dill one pint cherry tomatoes half pound goat ricotta half cup white wine olive oil two cups chicken broth diluted with two cups water, salted to taste quarter cup grated reggiano basil microgreens Sautee the onions with some black …

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Nov 10 2013

Gingerbread Man

Nov 03 2013

Squid Ink Penne With Arctic Char And Raclette Cream Sauce


INGREDIENTS one pound arctic char filet half pound squid ink penne one cup 1% milk half cup dry white wine third cup grated raclette (we used Reading Raclette, from Vermont) ground black pepper salt olive oil half a meyer lemon half tablespoon cornstarch chopped dill reggiano parmigiano Look at this beautiful arctic char filet! Sautee …

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Nov 03 2013

Burrata And Steak And “Garnet Yam”


Nov 03 2013



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