Squid Ink Spaghetti With Clams

one bottle clam juice
one jar baby clams
250 grams squid ink spaghetti
six chopped garlic cloves
dried thyme
dried dill
red pepper flakes
ground black pepper
juice of 1/3 lime
half cup dry white wine
olive oil
chopped cilantro
parmigiano reggiano


This is the jar of clams, imported from Italy. We were at the Chelsea Market and bought them (and the squid ink pasta) at Buon Italia. This store is fucken unbelievable!


Squid ink spaghetti.


Sautee the garlic with thyme, dill, red and black pepper, until golden.


Deglaze with the wine and lime juice.


Add the bottle of clam juice and the juice from the jar of clams, reserving the clams. After it has reduced for a little while, add a handful of cilantro and boil the pasta in salty water.


Here’s the clams. There was a fuckeloade of them in the jar, probably equivalent to three cans of domestic chopped clams.


When the pasta is just shy of molto al dente, add about a half or two/thirds cup of pasta water to the sauce, drain the pasta, add it and the clams to the sauce, and finish for a minute or two on medium-high heat.


Looks good!


The baby clams had a very nice flavor and texture, and were much better than canned domestic chopped clams.


The spaghetti was really nice, too, with a great texture and squid ink flavor. And the strands are very long!