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Jul 14 2013


I had never heard of any of this shitte before, but apparently there are a large growing category of computer/phone/tablet games called “Free-to-Play” (or F2P) that use highly sophisticated psychological manipulation techniques to induce players to spend money to “upgrade” their experience of the game and progress faster and/or farther than otherwise. And some players …

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Jul 14 2013

Spaghetti With Clams


Jul 13 2013

More Fucken Catte Shittio

For some reason, PhysioCatte is obsessed with the Tunisian olive mix we purchased today.

Jul 12 2013

Fucken Catte Shittio

Why do these fuckers love to kill the shitte out of those crinkly sounding balls? Does it feel like shattering mouse limbs or something?

Jul 12 2013

Joe Cocker Is A Weird Fucken Dude

Jul 12 2013

Sail Bag


Jul 10 2013

Shitty Stock Art


A community college is using this picture to advertise their biosciences curriculum.

Jul 07 2013

Grilled Salmon With Mango Relish


INGREDIENTS salmon filets olive oil chile powder spice mix salt mango red onion cilantro juice of one lime black pepper couscous chicken broth finely chopped carrot finely chopped parsley Here’s the salmon filets. Our local fishmonger had wild-caught, so we got that, even though it was more expensive than the farmed salmon. Dunno why, but …

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Jul 06 2013

Kenyan Obama Socialism Balloons Government And Kills Private Sector Economy Unlike Limited Government Free Market Republican Real American Presidents

Jul 05 2013

Rigatoni Amatriciana-ish


INGREDIENTS half pound rigatoni 3/4 cup diced pancetta 3/4 cup diced onion large can san marzanos half cup dry white wine chopped sage olive oil crushed red pepper flakes salt parmigiano reggiano Really nice pancetta. I asked for the leanest piece possible. Sautee the pancetta in just a little bit of olive oil until it …

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