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May 24 2013

Amazing Dinner


May 22 2013


Amazing someone so young can play like that.

May 22 2013

Ken Singleton: Deep Baseball Genius

With Cano at the plate (who’s been struggling a bit): When you’re not hitting well, you need to lay off pitches outside the strike zone and make the pitcher throw strikes. That way you get ahead in the count, and then you can wait for your pitch.

May 22 2013

Things To Never Say While Giving A Presentation

If you find yourself saying “oh, I better speed up to finish”, you have already completely fucked uppe miserably. Failure to plan ahead so you can finish on time without “speeding up” is a gross insult to your audience that cannot be remedied on the fly.

May 22 2013

Union Thug Parasite Teacher Pretends To Care About Student

Nice staged photo op. All these lazy incompetent parasites do is take, take, take.

May 21 2013

Incompetent Union Thug Public Employee Parasites Fucke Uppe Everything

Metro North’s lazy incompetent union thug employees took way longer than expected to fix the railway damage caused by last week’s derailment.

May 21 2013

Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Superstorms That Kill Dozens

Republican death cultists really love this shitte.

May 20 2013

Scientific Poster Sessions

I am presenting a poster for the first time in years. I hope I remember how to do it!

May 19 2013

Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Tainted Ineffective Drugs Killing Patients

Greedy right-wing rich motherfuckers who don’t want to pay any taxes and their electoral base of racist white theocratic authoritarian follower scum voted in GW Bush as president, who then proceeded to appoint pigge-ignorant political hackefuckes throughout the federal government, thereby dismantling the prior longstanding culture of effective expert civil service. In combination with intentional …

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May 19 2013

Shrimp And Pepper Tacos


INGREDIENTS one and a half pounds of shrimp long green peppers (pasillas, maybe?) serrano peppers habanero pepper cilantro two thirds cup dry white wine splash of corenwijn (or other oak-aged booze) half cup milk juice of one lime olive oil fuckeloade chopped garlic salt fresh-ground black pepper avocado cabbage fresh Nixtamal corn tortillas pico di …

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