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  1. Enkidum says

    Any recommendations for good writing on writing? I’ve got Politics and the English Language by Orwell, and that’s about it.

  2. says

    If the goal is to become a better writer, then reading about writing is a waste of time. The way to become a good writer is to spend years of sustained effort both reading good writing and writing a lot (with feedback from excellent editors).

  3. fuckesatonne says

    Mediocre sloppy crap? WHERE do you get your grad students? Don’t they have to pass a fucking English test (called the GRE) before being admitted? Start telling them “no” if they can’t crack the 50th percentile.

  4. al says

    i finde writing to be one of the most pleasurable aspecttes of science

    you get to say with perfect clarity, every word thought through, what it is youve been up to

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