Rigatoni With Mushrooms, Tomatoes, And Goat Cheese

half pound rigatoni
one large can crushed tomatoes (use only about 2/3 of the can)
half a medium white onion
one package sliced white mushrooms
chopped tarragon
dried oregano
ground black pepper
red pepper flakes
half cup dry white wine
olive oil
three ounces goat cheese
grated reggiano parmigiano


Sautee the onions with oregano, black pepper, and red pepper until turning translucent.


Sautee the mushrooms until they are fully shrunken down.


Deglaze with the white wine, adding some tarragon.


Add the crushed tomatoes, and simmer uncovered on low for about thirty or forty minutes, stirring occasionally.


Sauce is done (and out of focus)!


When the rigs are very molto al dente after boiling in salted water, add about a half cup of pasta water to the sauce, throw in the drained rigs, and finish on medium high for a minute or two.


Turn off the heat, throw in the goat cheese, and stir well to incorporate.


Plate, sprinkle, grate, and eat!!


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