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  1. Trebuchet says

    Does this mean that they were doing this as a friendly gesture, or that they were signaling to the Russian shippe to keep its distance?


  2. says

    They were demonstrating their capability to detect and intercept, and then sailing along with all their great big guns erect and bristling and their flags flying to show that they’re rrrrrrrough and tttttough!

    It’s just because nobody can pee that far.

  3. slc1 says

    It was my information that Russia had sold their only aircraft carrier to China.

  4. Gormsalot says

    They sold a couple of aircraft carriers, including the one to China, but those had been laid up for a while already. They still have the Admiral Kuznetsov in commission. Given the generally dilapidated state of Russian military equipment, it will likely remain in commission for the foreseeable.

  5. Matt_L says

    Its the brush off. The British just wanted to let the Russian Navy know that they have a submarines that could have sent that carrier to the bottom of the Ocean faster than you could say, “dasvidania.” Navies of the world do this to each other all the time.

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