May 21 2013

Incompetent Union Thug Public Employee Parasites Fucke Uppe Everything

Metro North’s lazy incompetent union thug employees took way longer than expected to fix the railway damage caused by last week’s derailment.


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  1. 1
    TGAP Dad

    Not sure where you’re getting the notion that it’s taking longer than expected, or that incompetent/lazy/thuggish employees are causing delays. The inked article mentions nothing of delays, missed deadlines or problems with the labor force.

  2. 2

    (TGAP Dad– I think that’s his point. The problem with CPP being sarcastic is that his sarcasm is identical to FoxNews talking points, so if you don’t know he’s a crazy bleeding heart liberal, he makes a very convincing crazy idiot conservative.)

  3. 3
    TGAP Dad

    Well, at least he was convincing enough to fool me. I kinda wondered if it was a Poe. Thanks for clearing that up – always happy to be shown when I’m wrong!

  4. 4

    Moby dick, please.

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