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Penne With Tomato And Onion Sauce (Vegetarian)

half medium white onion, chopped
six garlic cloves, chopped
one large can diced san marzanos
olive oil
fresh-ground black pepper
red chile pepper flakes
dried oregano
dried thyme
half cup dry white wine
half pound penne
parmigiano reggiano


Sautee the onions and garlic with black and red pepper, oregano, and thyme, until they are starting to soften.


Deglaze with the wine and reduce until all the alcohol is gone.


Add the tomatoes and simmer with the lid offe for about an hour, salting to taste.


Sauce is done.


Boil the penne in salty water until very molto al dente, add some pasta water to the sauce, throw in the drained penne, and finish on medium high for a minute or two.


So simple! Yet so delicious!


Pinkberry for dessert!


  1. bam294 says

    I hope that isn’t that crappy Pinkberry greek yogurt cuz otherwise its a winner.

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