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Mar 10 2013

Clam And Sausage Risotto


INGREDIENTS three cans chopped clams one bottle clam juice one italian sausage 3/4 cup carnaroli rice fresh-ground black pepper fresh chopped tarragon dried red pepper flakes half cup wine olive oil three large garlic cloves, chopped 1/3 cup chopped white onion parmigiano reggiano Sautee the onions and garlic with some tarragon, black pepper, and red …

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Mar 09 2013

Moby Dicke CHAPTER 15. Chowder.

It was quite late in the evening when the little Moss came snugly to anchor, and Queequeg and I went ashore; so we could attend to no business that day, at least none but a supper and a bed. The landlord of the Spouter-Inn had recommended us to his cousin Hosea Hussey of the Try …

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Mar 08 2013

Cooleasse Jellyfish Blogge

This is a very cool blogge written by a graduate student at Brown.

Mar 08 2013


I have never been so happy in my life to receive a “revise and resubmit” editorial decision.

Mar 08 2013

The Process of Revising Manuscripts and Grants

Dr. Crazy is wondering how to get her good composition students to understand that handing them back their essays covered in editorial remarks is not a sign that they are not doing well and aren’t good writers. I have on occasion gotten this kind of pushback from trainees in my lab when we revise their …

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Mar 07 2013

Loonie Pitbull Enthusiast Denialism: BB Guns Versus Bushmaster AR-15s

The loonie pitbull enthusiasts really don’t want to understand that the issue isn’t whether pitbulls are more or less intrinsically “friendly” than yorkies and bichons, but that once a pitbull decides to chomp down on your ass, there’s a good chance you’re gonna end up maimed or dead. If a yorkie or bichon decides to …

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Mar 06 2013

Massive On-Line Open Course (MOOC)-Based Higher Education Is A Class-Warfare Scam

Neuro Polar Bear has a post up today mildly criticizing Tom “Suck This” Friedman’s pollyanna column about how MOOC-based higher education is going to “revolutionize” the higher education system. Here is everything you need to know about MOOC-based education: The goal of the MOOC (should be “mook”, cause it is designed by the plutocrats for …

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Mar 05 2013

Bloggeing Etiquette

Using footnotes in a long blogge post and thereby forcing the reader to scroll all the way up and down the motherfucken page is an asshole move. Don’t do itte.

Mar 05 2013


Effective troubleshooting is 99% process, and only 1% specialized domain-specific knowledge.

Mar 03 2013

Fucken Goddamn Motherfucken Red Socke Fan Asshole Kiddes

These two motherfucken asshole little kiddes at the Yanks-Sockes game have been screeching “Let’s go Red Sockes! Let’s go!” incessantly at the top of their lungs for the entire goddamn motherfucken game. These little fuckes are apparently learning young how to be noxious asshole Red Socke fans, just like their stupid motherfucken parents.

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