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Mar 31 2013

Clueless Users Going Hilariously Shittenuttes When Free Crappe On The Internet Doesn’t Work (UPDATED)

I stumbled across this post today on a Microsoft help forum for their Outlook.com e-mail service: Original title: all my saved items were lost when you changed my email. i had everything important in there. this is criminal behavior and i want it fixed NOW. ALL my saved items were lost when you switched me …

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Mar 31 2013

Rack of Lamb and Saffron Risotto


INGREDIENTS one rack of lamb, properly butchered and trimmed For the marinade: 1 tbsp fennel seeds 1/2 tbsp fresh rosemary leaves 2 garlic cloves 1 1/2 tsp kosher salt 1/2 tbsp fresh-ground black pepper 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil For the risotto: olive oil one cup carnaroli rice half cup chopped white onion half cup …

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Mar 30 2013

Moby Dicke CHAPTER 17. The Ramadan.

As Queequeg’s Ramadan, or Fasting and Humiliation, was to continue all day, I did not choose to disturb him till towards night-fall; for I cherish the greatest respect towards everybody’s religious obligations, never mind how comical, and could not find it in my heart to undervalue even a congregation of ants worshipping a toad-stool; or …

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Mar 27 2013

Pitchforks and Torches

How long before the tumbrels start rolling: Steven Cohen, owner of SAC Capital Advisors LP, has bought Pablo Picasso’s “Le Reve” for $155 million from casino owner Steve Wynn, a person familiar with the transaction said. Two nights a year, Tennessee holds a health care lottery of sorts, giving the medically desperate a chance to …

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Mar 26 2013

iPad User Interface Design Fuckwittery

You put the semicolon, colon, question mark, exclamation, ampersand, apostrophe, and quotation mark on the numerical keyboard, and you put the motherfucken pound, percent, times, plus, and equal on a different one? Fucken assholes.

Mar 24 2013

Rigatoni With Tomato Clam Cream Sauce


INGREDIENTS half pound rigatoni small can crushed san marzanos three cans Snow brand chopped clams half cup white wine six large garlic cloves, chopped half small white onion, chopped fresh tarragon, chopped cracked black pepper red chile pepper flakes salt quarter cup heavy cream parmigiano reggiano olive oil Sautee the onion and garlic with tarragon, …

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Mar 24 2013

Designers Of Outlook.com Are Motherfucken High

These motherfuckers really truly think it is a good idea to provide an option to make reply-all the motherfucken default reply mode in Outlook.com? Srsly?

Mar 20 2013

Outstanding Industrial Design

You can’t plug in a regular USB, firewire, or microUSB cable just by feel in the dark without risking fuckeing uppe the connection contacts by trying to insert it in the wrong orientation. And if you fucke uppe the cable end, no biggie, but if you fucke uppe the receptacle in your device, ugh. The …

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Mar 18 2013

Palin’s Big Gulp

The notion that hyper fit Palin routinely chugges big gulps is beyond laughable. To state the obvious: she is pandering to the sadde sicke unhealthy right-wing base and keeping them ignorant of the fact that their “choice” to sicken and kill themselves with vile poisonous corporate swill food products is far from “freedom”, and rather …

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Mar 17 2013

Moby Dicke CHAPTER 16. The Ship.

In bed we concocted our plans for the morrow. But to my surprise and no small concern, Queequeg now gave me to understand, that he had been diligently consulting Yojo—the name of his black little god—and Yojo had told him two or three times over, and strongly insisted upon it everyway, that instead of our …

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