Clueless Users Going Hilariously Shittenuttes When Free Crappe On The Internet Doesn’t Work (UPDATED)

I stumbled across this post today on a Microsoft help forum for their e-mail service:

Original title: all my saved items were lost when you changed my email. i had everything important in there. this is criminal behavior and i want it fixed NOW.

ALL my saved items were lost when you switched me to outlook. i had everything i ever wanted to save in there. important things. i want them back NOW. this is insane that you can just do away with all my personal information. please fix this now. it is critical to me to have my saved information back. you cant just do away with peoples things. you dont even have a saved place anymore and wherever i look you say i have nothing saved. well i had a lot saved in my hotmail and i want every bit of it back or i will take legal action.

Apparently, Hotmail users are being force-switched to, and some are not very happy about it.

UPDATE: Hahahahahah! This motherfucker is irate because they can no longer click a single button to forward deranged racist right-wing loonie e-mails to their entire contacts list:

I hate outlook also. I had my contact list set up with favorites so that I could just make one click and forward a message to all of my favorites. But now I have to go through all my contacts and click each one individually to forward a message to them.


  1. stever says

    Gee, it’s almost as if the paranoid security bloggers were right all along:
    If you store your data in The Cloud, you don’t own it anymore unless you have a properly executed contract (written on tangible, human-readable paper, not electrons) with the company you gave the data to. And even if you sign such a contract, be sure to bring a jeweler’s loupe to scan the Ultra Eyestrain type at the bottom for things like “We get to keep a copy, and use it for any purpose that we choose, forever.”

    How many of you drank the Flavour – Aide and opened a Facebook account? Even if you resisted, Facebook still has a file on you, compiled from references to you by its subjects. Look up “Facebook shadow profiles.”

  2. says

    Hotmail emptied my whole inbox about five years ago. Yes, I was annoyed, but I had backed up everything I needed, because free stuff + Microsoft = you’re screwed.

  3. jon says


    it’s much better to rant about crappy stuff your ipad does or doesn’t do.

  4. Bustednuckles says

    Ain’t modern technology grand?

    Gmail just fucked around and changed their formatting too. No fucking warning, just BOOM! , would you like to view our tutorial now?

    Same shit with Blogger. Just because you can doesn’t automatically mean you should. They fucked up Blogger so bad people left in droves.


    Yeah, the services are “free” to a point, as long as you don’t mind them giving all your information to the government.

  5. says

    Stever –
    “How many of you drank the Flavour – Aide and opened a Facebook account? Even if you resisted, Facebook still has a file on you, compiled from references to you by its subjects. Look up “Facebook shadow profiles.”

    Not true bro. Ireland heard the same thing, got pissed off, the government funded a full scale investigation and found nothing of the sort.

  6. says

    As one of those security weenies pointing out the incipient cloud disaster, all I say nowadays is “nyaa nyaa nyaa…” I’ve still got all my data.

    The part that still makes me laugh is that the cloudiots haven’t realized yet that once all the competition is shaken out, that’s when the prices will go up, or the TOS will change.

    I wish I got paid for saying “I told you so” ‘cuz cloud computing would give me a golden retirement.

  7. dab says

    >storing everything on someone else’s server without maintaining a local copy
    >blaming anyone except yourself when it gets lost
    Self-entitlement, Earth, 2013 CE.

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