1. bam294 says

    Is this your effort to show us that no caring God would have this exist? One more for atheism. (Likely +2 because of the ‘finale’). I may go watch Glee as a means to have less musical injury.

  2. samsung hater says

    Hey Physioproffe,

    I am posting this comment here cuz I got tired of looking for that post where you got so excited about the beauty and functionality of the samsung galaxy phone. Bullshit!. I just got one a week ago and the stupid phone is dead, Now that I am going to needed more than ever. I left it charging while going for an errand in the neigborhood. When I came back it would not turn on at all. I asked my SO to give me a call and there is a voicemail saying that I am out of range. Bullshit, stupid samsung galaxy!!!!

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