Something Cool For iOS6 Users

One of the things that was bugging me about accessing Gmail accounts from my iPad was that whether I used the native Mail app or the Gmail app, my mail was not coming in very fast, and it seemed to be only downloading every few minutes. Because I need instant gratification, and fucke you, thatte’s why!!!!!

Turns out that Gmail does not push to iOS6 if you use the regular Gmail account setup in native iOS6 Mail. However, you can access your Gmail account, including your calendar and contacts, through an Exchange server front end that Google operates.

Allz you gotta do is select Exchange as the type of new e-mail account you want to set up in the Mail app, use your Gmail address and password as the login, and here’s the key: enter as the server.

Now you get instant push sync of your e-mail and calendar with Google!!!!

So the only thing that now still bugges me about native Mail is that (1) I can’t have multiple Mail icons on my home screen to separately handle my multiple e-mail accounts and (2) when I send from a Gmail account that has an aliased From setup, it sends from the un-aliased Gmail address and not from the alias.